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Prosecutors Abandon Second Trial for Sam Bankman-Fried for Illegal Political Donations

Justice for FTX Scandal? Prosecution’s Unexpected Move Sparks Broader Concerns


Alarming developments last week confirmed that federal authorities have shelved plans for a follow-up litigation implicating Sam Bankman-Fried in illegal political contributions and international bribery. It’s a move that’s deeply unsettled many observers who have been unyielding in their demand for a comprehensive examination of the perceived misdeeds committed by FTX’s embattled founder.

On the last weekday, prosecutors declared in a federal court sitting in Manhattan that the public’s desire for a swift close to this contentious case outweighs a second trial. Their stated reasoning was that most of the proof offered during the first trial could also be used for sentencing Bankman-Fried in March 2024.

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In their letter to the Court, they emphasized a desire to ‘avoid a second trial’ as the evidence from the first trial is sufficient for consideration during sentencing. The legal team representing the State noted that this rationale, coupled with the overarching public necessity for an expeditious resolution, has driven their choice to center on sentencing for the counts the defendant was already proven guilty of.

The prosecution’s unexpected resolution not to pusue a second trial against the beleaguered Bankman-Fried shocked and annoyed those who have been keenly observing the legal proceedings. This questionable decision faced fierce criticism, particularly from those within the field.

Especially vocal was John Deaton, founder of CryptoLaw, who has been a consistent critic of the Bankman-Fried saga. This latest decision from the prosecutors, he declared in no uncertain terms, had left him appalled. Deaton raised serious concerns about the independence of the Department of Justice, questioning who the Attorney General was protecting.

In a surprising revelation, the infamous FTX founder allegedly utilized fish pouches as an unusual form of currency for his hair cutting services while in jail. This peculiar incident rounded off a series of contentious episodes surrounding Bankman-Fried.

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Complementing this, a fragment on social media surfaced depicting what appeared to be Rep. Maxine Waters of California sending a playful gesture to Bankman-Fried during an exchange they had. This and other developments have raised eyebrows among those following the case.

As per the data provided by the FEC, Bankman-Fried has channeled nearly $38 million to a host of potential office bearers and PACs in 2021 and 2022. His funds were predominantly directed towards candidates with progressive leanings and collectives advocating for left-wing causes.

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A significant portion of the political funds circulated by him found its way to Protect Our Future PAC, a newly established institution in 2022, dedicated to uplifting the prospects of candidates actively working towards thwarting future global health crises.

The founder, formerly leading FTX’s cryptocurrency exchange before its bankruptcy, stands accused of embezzlement from his customer accounts. Bankman-Fried has been confined to jail since the previous summer when his bail was revoked following allegations of witness manipulation. Earlier this month, he was proven guilty on seven charges, with his sentencing set for March-end.

The erstwhile CEO of FTX captured public attention at the onset of the legal proceedings with his groomed look, which contrasted starkly with his previous public image. His freshly cropped hair and formal outfit replaced the long hair and everyday attire that were synonymous with his time at FTX.

The charges against him were serious indeed. Both FTX and its sibling hedge fund, Alameda Research, are alleged to have been the venues of serious financial misconduct directed by their founder. The authorities claim that billions of dollars in FTX customer deposits were misappropriated and misused.

Further, there were allegations that Bankman-Fried had acted to deliberately misdirect investors while instructing other top-ranking executives at his companies to follow suit. This illicit scheme, if proven, signifies a gross exploitation of faith posed by depositors and a misuse of corporate power for personal gain.

In the prosecutors’ letter issued on Friday, they clarified that much of the evidence produced during the initial trial would have been reiterated if a second trial had taken place. They referred to their successful demonstration of the defendant’s illicit campaign contributions and suggested that such related behavior could be considered during sentencing.

However, the prosecution was unable to include the charges of illicit campaign aids in their initial case because the extradition agreement with the Bahamas, which enabled the arrest of Bankman-Fried, did not incorporate this specific charge. This raises further questions as to the full list of potential offenses the defendant might have perpetrated.

While observers and analysts continue to follow the developments and brace for the sentencing next month, the decision not to follow up with a second trial has left many with lingering concerns about the comprehensiveness of the case against Bankman-Fried and lingering questions about justice, particularly in white-collar crime.


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