Project Veritas says James O’Keefe could Return

Should James Return?

James O’Keefe, the head of Project Veritas was forced out after “Financial issues”. As expect many were not too happy about this news because James is the face of the brand and built it from the ground up.

After massive public outcry of his firing, some reports suggest that the board might want him back!

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Gavin McInnes recommended that James should walk away and never look back. He suggested that he takes 20% of the staff with him and starts up a new company; but Gavin does not know if there are any Non-Compete clauses in any agreements or contracts he might have signed with his own company.


Vernon Jones says that James should move on to be the best CEO of Twitter.


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Many users are also blocking Project Veritas until James O’Keefe returns.

What do you want to see happen?

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It is possible that James is legally unable to continue his work outside of Project Veritas, so returning might be his only option. Either way, I am sure he will figure out a way to continue the work he has been doing.







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