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Biden Leaves Audience Puzzled with Comment About ‘God Save the Queen’

Biden Calls for Gun Control and Responsibility, But Odd Remark Steals the Limelight


President Biden closed his speech on gun control at the University of Hartford’s campus in Connecticut with an unexpected remark that left listeners perplexed. The president said, “God Save the Queen, man,” without explaining the meaning behind his statement.

The comment left most journalists in the room at a loss for words, and they took to social media to seek clarification on what he meant. No one could provide an explanation that would make sense of the president’s remark.

During his Friday speech, Biden talked about gun control and warned his audience about the importance of being responsible for their belongings.

The 80-year-old president said that if a 13 or 14-year-old child were to steal your car, you would be held liable if that kid goes on a joyride and kills someone. He then questioned why gun owners aren’t held liable if they don’t lock up their firearms properly. While his statement made sense, many were left wondering how it relates to saying “God Save the Queen, man” at the end of a speech.

Biden’s remark referenced the British national anthem that was used during Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, which ended with her death in September. The current Queen’s son, Charles III, succeeded her, and the anthem has changed to ‘God Save the King.’

Some believe that the President’s statement could be a sign of confusion, citing his ‘Where’s Jackie?’ moment last year when he searched for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.), despite publicly mourning her death and even calling her family to offer his condolences a month prior.

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Biden’s speech on Friday sought to establish new laws banning the possession of AR-15-style rifles and high-capacity magazines.

In addition, he proposed that gun owners be held liable for the poor storage of their weapons. The President argued that if a gun owner left their weapon unsecured and someone used it to harm others, the gun owner should be held responsible.

However, most common law across the 50 states states that the owner of a stolen vehicle will not be held liable for damages after it has been stolen, and then involved in an accident that causes injury or property damage.

While some states and cities have laws that hold car owners liable if they leave their keys in an unlocked car, their liability depends on the facts of the case.

The firm Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer has released a chart of state laws and case law, identifying Hawaii, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Washington, DC, as jurisdictions where car owners face potential civil liability for the actions of thieves if they leave their keys in the car.

Courts in other states, including Connecticut and New Jersey, have found that the owner can be held liable if the keys are left in the car, resulting in a foreseeable theft due to factors such as prior car thefts in the area.

Despite the differences of opinion on this issue, the president’s inexplicable comment at the end of the speech managed to steal the limelight, with the press seeking an explanation for his use of Britain’s national anthem.

Given that Biden is an Irish-American Catholic, it is unclear why his closing remarks included “God Save the Queen, man,” rather than something more meaningful. The strange remark has already reignited questions about the president’s mental acuity.

Even though Biden tried to find humor during his speech, referring to his age as “a little under 103” and “110,” his comment at the end brought back memories of similar instances where he appeared confused or inattentive.

The president quipped that he would stay for photos if it did not rain, and when the crowd shouted that it would not rain, he responded with, “That’s the truth, now? Don’t make a lie — there’s that scene in the John Wayne movie, ‘Don’t make me a dog-face lying pony soldier.’”

Of course, while Biden’s humorous moments amused the crowd, they wondered where his mind was during the closing remarks. The lack of a clear purpose behind his words and actions has left voters with concerns about the president’s fitness to lead the country.

It’s not just Republicans who are questioning his mental sharpness; many of his closest allies have also raised concerns and urged him to get more rest and take care of himself.

Biden’s supporters point out that the President has a long career in politics and has been a statesman for a long time.

They believe that he is fit for the challenge of leading the country out of the pandemic, investing in infrastructure, and fixing issues in the education sector. They think that he has the experience and the compassion to lead the country to a brighter future.

Regardless of one’s political affiliation, it is essential to recognize that when a world leader makes vague, inexplicable statements with no apparent reasoning behind them, it can create confusion and concern around the world.

Perhaps President Biden should have saved his comments about the British national anthem for a more suitable occasion. The president’s confusing statement on Friday highlights the need for world leaders to remain focused and stay on message during critical times, clearly communicating their ideas and intentions to their constituents.

Biden’s comment about gun control could have been a source of lively debate and could have moved the conversation forward on an important issue. However, his odd closure left people baffled and overshadowed his message about gun control laws.

Hopefully, in future engagements, the president will stay focused on the issue at hand and choose his words with more care. Doing so would ensure that the message gets across effectively and avoid putting people in the position of trying to make sense of remarks that appear to be incongruent.

One lesson that we can learn from this episode is that a leader at the world stage must choose their words wisely, being as clear and concise as possible to avoid misconceptions and misunderstandings.

The president’s casual approach towards critical issues could be the result of his long career in politics, which has given him a certain level of familiarity with his constituents. Nonetheless, this familiarity can sometimes lead to comments that appear to be thoughtless and creates doubts about his leadership skills.

Another lesson to be learned here is that it is crucial to set high standards for the behavior of world leaders, regardless of their political affiliations. Leaders must be held accountable for their words and actions, ensuring that they rarely create confusion and generate doubts about their mental acuity.


Leaders who fail to meet these expectations should be subject to mechanisms that hold them accountable, such as inquiries from the press, or even formal censure from their peers in the international community.

In conclusion, while people may continue to debate President Biden’s mental acuity and the confusion created by his statement, we must focus on the positive aspects of his speech. The president has correctly identified a major issue of contention in the United States, and his proposed solutions could be a way forward towards reducing gun violence.

Hopefully, he will address these and other issues with more clarity and focus in the future, while the world looks on and holds him accountable for his actions.


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