Portland in State of Emergency Over Chauvin Trial

Democratic Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler, declared a state of emergency on Tuesday due to the Derrick Chauvin trial even though he was found guilty. “Select” National Guardsmen are on standby.

“As the mayor, I’ve declared a state of emergency to allow city bureaus to facilitate peaceful first amendment activity and respond to any violence if necessary,” he said in a news conference.

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Wheeler also said the state of emergency will last 24 hours, but it can be extended if needed.

The emergency would allow for him to enact a curfew, close streets, and close public facilities.

About 100 radicals marched throughout the city on Monday in honor of George Floyd and vandalized buildings which resulted in two arrests. One of their targets was the Blazers Boys & Girls Club.

Wheeler denounced them though. He said, “These people are not protesters. “They are criminals. Their goal is to destroy the economic center of Oregon.”

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