Polls Show Democrats Want Biden To Leave Office

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Joe Biden seems to have plans for a re-election campaign, but his voters wish he wouldn’t. 

An Ipsos poll found that a whopping 56% of Democrats thought it would be a bad idea for Joe Biden to run for President again in 2024.

The poll’s results also reflected that Republicans are far more enthusiastic about Donald Trump than Democrats are about Joe Biden’s campaign. 

The Daily Caller reported, Eighty-two percent of Republican voters think Trump can win the next election while 59% of Republicans believe Trump should actually run to be the party’s nominee, according to the poll. Forty-one percent of Republicans think the party needs change and Trump should not run.

A USA Today poll also found that 50% of Biden’s party hoped he would not try to gain a second term. 69% of all voters from both parties also held this sentiment. 

Another poll, from Harvard, found that 71% of Americans don’t want to see Biden in office again. 

All of these polls reflect one constant; Joe Biden is incredibly unpopular even among democrats who elected him in the first place. 

After the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, Trump gained quite an edge over his likely opponent in 2024, Ron DeSantis. 

Decades ago, if News broke that the FBI had raided the home of a potential Presidential candidate this likely would not boost their likelihood of getting elected. 

In today’s political climate, this certainly isn’t the case. It appears that most conservatives believe that the FBI raiding President Trump’s home was an abuse of power, and an attempt to persecute a political opponent. 

Since the news broke that Mar-a-Lago was searched by a swarm of federal agents, Trump is actually higher in the polls. He now has a 10-point boost over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

This spells a bad recipe for democrats in 2024, who will likely be split if Biden does seek a second term. 

The decision would likely cause turmoil for the party, causing a schism that may cost the election.