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POLL: Most American’s Believe Obama is Running Biden’s Administration

Is Biden Administration a Third Obama Term?


The results of a recent public opinion poll reveal an astonishing belief among respondents with regard to the current US leadership. When asked about President Joe Biden’s control over his administration, a striking majority expressed doubts about his authority. Instead, there’s a strong sentiment that the reins of the administration are held not by Biden himself, but by his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

Prominent polling authority Rasmussen Reports indicates that the notion of Obama’s significant influence on Biden is held by over 63% of respondents. Furthermore, over half of these respondents have gone so far as to label President Biden as a ‘puppet’. This descriptor is suggestive of a third Obama administration rather than one fully governed by Biden himself.

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Considering percentages, 40% of respondents found it ‘very likely’ that Obama conducts significant influence over Biden, who formerly served as his Vice President. The skepticism appears to span party lines, as even within the Democratic voter population, 56% find it ‘somewhat likely’ that Obama still wields influence over Biden.

Treading into specifics, about 37% of the respondents ‘strongly agree’ with an assertion from Rep. Greg Murphy (R-N.C.). Greg Murphy, in July of last year, claimed that Biden is ‘a puppet for a progressive left committee… headed by Obama.’ This perspective extends beyond party lines, capturing the agreement of 53% of independent voters.

Interesting to note, 28% of Democrats also concur ‘somewhat’ with the notion that the Obama’s influence pervades in Biden’s administration. This highlights an unusual situation where a considerable percentage of voters from within the ruling party doubt the authority of their elected official.

In the realm of political conjecture, rumors continue to swirl about Michelle Obama’s potential entry into the presidential race. These speculations have only been fueled by her latest comments during a podcast earlier this month, leading some political observers to predict, yet again, that she will become the Democratic party’s nominee.

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During her appearance on ‘On Purpose’, a popular podcast by Jay Shetty, Michelle Obama discussed what she found concerning in the current scenario. Her expressed worries included regional conflicts, the implications of AI, environmental crises, and the status of education.

Further probing led her to contemplate on low voter turnout, excessive phone usage, and her anxieties regarding the upcoming elections. Throughout her commentary, there was an underlying theme of concerns over how these issues are being addressed and if there is enough public awareness and engagement.

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I am terrified about what could possibly happen. Because our leaders matter. Who we select, who speaks for us, who holds that bully pulpit. It affects us in ways that, sometimes, I think people take it for granted,’ she asserted during the podcast.

Her candid exchange has created waves within political circles, with veteran Republican strategist, Roger Stone, interpreting it as an indication of Michelle Obama ‘positioning’ herself for candidacy. Drawing from his long-term predictions, Stone asserts that he believes she will be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President in 2024.

Additionally, financial experts have come forward with predictions of their own, suggesting that Biden might bow out of the upcoming race. Michael Cembalest, a top financial analyst, predicted that Biden will not stand for re-election, implying potential health concerns as a deterrent.

Cembalest, who currently heads the market and investment strategy unit in JPMorgan Chase’s asset management division, shared his predictions in a note to clients. His expected timeline for this development ranges from Super Tuesday to the November election.

Super Tuesday, scheduled for March 5, is a significant landmark in the selection of the presidential nominee. This event comprises primaries in numerous states, including California, Texas, Massachusetts, Vermont, and North Carolina. Traditionally, the bulk of Super Tuesday winners end up as frontrunners and eventual party nominees.

Cembalest bases his predictions partially on the sinking approval ratings of Biden, notwithstanding the 10% job creation during his tenure. However, he notably attributes the job creation largely to Americans returning to work post-COVID shutdowns.

While Cembalest didn’t specifically predict who would replace Biden as the Democratic candidate, he speculated it would be a choice made by the Democratic National Committee. This prediction adds another layer of anticipation to an already heated political climate.

In sum, the American political landscape is in an intriguing state of flux. While the voters, financial analysts, and political observers postulate various scenarios, time alone will reveal how much these speculations will materialize, and how the Democrat party will respond.

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