VIDEO: Police Car intentionally Drives into Protesters in Brazil

Currently there is little information about the situation but we will share with you what we do know.

“Police and Military have retreated from attempting to stop protestors who have overtaken the Supreme Court, the Congress building and surrounded the presidential palace in Brazil. Protest numbers are now growing into the tens of thousands”. – Canadian Independent reports

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“Why won’t the main stream media mob morons show you the continuing protests in Brazil on Jan 7 2023 against their stollen elections? Because they willingly helped rig the elections there too – for their globalist masters…” – a Twitter user Writes

Protests in Brazil Supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro set the National Congress on fire.” – Rishikesh Kumar

Bolsonaro (The DJT of Brazil) supporters have stormed the National Supreme Court in Brazil.” – Twitter user writes

Watch the Video Here

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