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Piers Morgan Slams Media For Not Airing Trump’s Iowa Victory Speech

Piers Morgan’s Hard Stand Against US Media Over Trump Address Coverage

Piers Morgan

British pundit Piers Morgan took a firm stance against US media channels CNN and MSNBC, along with host Rachel Maddow, for their decision to not broadcast the entirety of the former President Trump‘s victorious address following his triumph in the Iowa caucuses.

CNN did in fact air a segment of Trump’s oration, yet chose to abruptly terminate the feed. Jake Tapper, the channel’s anchor, interjected to provide his commentary, asserting, ‘Presently under my voiceover, you can discern his continued promotion of his anti-immigrant perspectives…’

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Unequivocally expressing her disapproval, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow defended their decision to not showcase Trump’s address due to anticipated misinformation or untruthful implications that would potentially be conveyed.

The controversial figure of Trump was not only the target of domestic media, but also of international figures. Brian Kilmeade brought attention to this fact, stating that leaders across the globe have also launched criticisms against Trump.

Among these international critics was Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, Britain’s foreign intelligence service. He openly expressed concerns about potential national security implications for the United Kingdom.

Another famed critic of Trump was none other than Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. The Canadian leader expressed his difficulties in navigating a potential second encounter with the Trump administration.

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Piers Morgan responded to Trudeau’s sentiment with a sarcastically ironic retort, describing Trudeau as ‘the foremost woke fascist alive’, despite Trudeau’s previous criticism of Trump as a fascist.

In his typical flamboyant candor, Morgan accused Trudeau of being the epitome of woke culture, while deeming him a ‘fascist’, a term Trudeau himself often used to describe Trump.

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Kilmeade echoed these sentiments, brusquely articulating what he perceived as Trudeau’s negative influence on Canada, stating, ‘He has led that nation to ruin.’

Morgan provided an interesting anecdote from a recent survey to underpin his viewpoint. The survey suggested that the youth population in Canada favored Trump over their own Prime Minister.

While potentially adding an element of humor to the discussion, Morgan pointed out that more of the younger generation in Canada would, given the opportunity, cast their ballot for Trump rather than their own leader, Trudeau.

In the wry laughter that accompanied Morgan’s recounting of the polling results, he concluded his talking point with a relatively light-hearted, albeit pointed remark, ‘They would if they could.’

These sharply contrasted viewpoints and the spirited discussion make one thing clear – the influence and legacy of Trump’s term, contentious as it was, continues to resonate and be a point of heated debate globally.

Article: Real News Now


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