Pediatrician Says Kids Are Ready For Hormone Therapy ‘Whenever They Ask For It’

In a new documentary, a doctor is shown claiming prepubescent children are ready to change genders “whenever they ask for it”.

Matt Walsh’s “What Is A Woman” aired last night on The Daily Wire at 9pm. The documentary shows Walsh asking various people to define what a woman is in today’s world.

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One interview features pediatric professor Dr. Michelle Forcier, who claims children are ready for “medical affirmation when they ask for it,” even if they haven’t reached puberty. 

“That could be a kiddo who is just starting puberty and they’re panicking because they’re just getting breast buds, or their penis is getting bigger and busier and they’re worried about all kinds of masculine changes,” she says.

At that point, Forcier explains, doctors can prescribe puberty blockers, which she claims are “completely reversible” and “don’t have permanent effects”.

“[They are] wonderful because we can put that pause on puberty, just like you’re listening to music,” she says. “You put the pause on and puberty would go right back to where it was, the next note in the song, just delay that period of time”.

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One commonly used puberty blocker is Lupron, which can also be used to treat endometriosis and prostate cancer. In the past, it was used to chemically castrate sex offenders.

When asked about the drug, Forcier says “You know what, I’m not sure that we should continue with this interview because it seems like it’s going in a particular direction”.

In the same interview, Forcier tells Walsh that his sperm does not make him a male.

“If I see a chicken laying eggs and I say that’s a female chicken, did I assign female? Or am I just observing a physical reality that’s happening?” Walsh asks.

“Does a chicken have gender identity? Does a chicken cry? Does a chicken commit suicide? A chicken has an assigned gender but a chicken doesn’t have gender identity,” she responds.

The rest of Walsh’s documentary shows him interviewing other doctors, transgender individuals, and people on the street in order to answer his important question.


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