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Paul Pelosi Attacker Testifies, Claims he was to Wear Unicorn Costume

Home Invasion Unfurled at Pelosi Residence: Assailant Pleads Guilty


An arraignment occurred last year where a man was reprimanded for allegedly assaulting the spouse of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi inside their opulent residence located in San Francisco.

The accused party, David DePape, confessed in court this week to devising a peculiar plan – to don an expandable unicorn outfit before intruding into Pelosi’s residence, purportedly to discuss Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, according to news from the New York Post.

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A visibly emotional DePape confessed during the proceedings that his ultimate plan was to compel prominent figures, including the former Speaker and other identified individuals, to confess to their alleged corruption.

He ambitiously hoped to encourage President Joe Biden to grant them all a pardon. However, the execution of this unconventional strategy was thwarted when he discovered Paul in the house, not Nancy.

Instead of fulfilling his planned mission, DePape resorted to hitting the 83-year-old man with a hammer during the intrusion incident, dated October 28, 2022. His intended target was not Paul, he claimed in the San Francisco courtroom. David DePape expressed regret over the unintended encounter saying, ‘I reacted because my plan was ruined.’

DePape, 43, further revealed his intent to request President Biden to pardon these identified individuals, stating, ‘so we can move forward as a country.’ He revealed during his statement that he indulged in an interesting combination of activities: listening to political podcasts that encapsulated right-leaning theories while immersing himself in video games for roughly half a day.

He stated that he once stumbled upon a discussion led by the conservative commentator, James Lindsay, during one of this podcast episodes. The conversation revolved around a famous Bay Area academic, Dr. Gayle Rubin, known for her groundbreaking contributions to the fields of feminist theory and queer studies.

Interpreting Dr. Rubin’s theories in his own manner, DePape said, ‘The takeaway I got is that she wants to transform our education system into pedophile molestation entities.’ Rubin, cryptically referred to as ‘Target 1’ in federal court documents, got a chance to testify at the same court session.

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She defended the interpretation of her scholarly work, stating that it had been misinterpreted to create an agenda against gay rights. In response to the defense attorney’s question about whether she endorses child abuse, Dr. Rubin firmly responded with a resolute ‘Absolutely not.’

Prosecutors further revealed DePape’s list of ‘targets’ which included renowned identities such as Rep. Adam Schiff, California Governor Gavin Newsom, financier George Soros, Hunter Biden (President Joe Biden’s son), and Hollywood actor Tom Hanks.

Paul Pelosi, while testifying on Tuesday, recalled the incidents of that accursed day, vividly describing how, despite the imminent threat, he managed to alert the emergency services just before DePape could immobilize him. ‘The door opened, and a large man entered brandishing a hammer in one hand, and zip ties in the other, demanding ‘Where’s Nancy?’ – that woke me up,’ recalled Paul Pelosi.

Paul bravely persuaded DePape to move downstairs, hoping that the authorities would soon arrive. After opening the door for the incoming officers, the bodycam worn by the police captured the shocking moment when DePape stricken Paul with a hammer.

In the violent encounter, ‘Paul suffered a fractured skull, severe injuries to his right arm and hands, and had to be treated in the hospital for several days,’ added The Post. In January, the San Francisco Superior Court took the decision to release the bodycam footage and audio of the altercation. Judge Stephen Murphy consented, allowing access to the materials only to credentialed press members.

Former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, expressed her apprehension to view the shocking footage. ‘It would be an extremely overwhelming experience to witness the attack on my husband’s life,’ she said. As for her husband’s convalescence, she optimistically added, ‘He’s slowly making progress, however, it might take approximately three more months for him to fully recuperate.’

When discussing his actions, DePape revealed that he spent a large portion of his time immersing himself in right-wing conspiracies relayed through political podcasts, often over gaming sessions that could last up to six hours. These were the influences that reportedly drove him to concoct a plan so audacious in its scope.

DePape’s actions shine a light on the dangerous effects of extremist ideologies taken to their illogical conclusion, a discussion that should feature more prominently in our national conversations. This is not just about one man’s dangerous plot but a symptom of larger issues – of misinterpretation and misinformation that can have severe, real-world consequences.


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