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WATCH: Patrick Mahomes Attacked with Snowballs by Bills Fans After Bills Defeat 

Kansas City’s 27-24 Victory Evokes Sour Reaction from Buffalo Fans

The climax of the Chiefs-Bills AFC divisional round matchup was met with a sour turn at Highmark Stadium. Buffalo supporters responded to Kansas City’s 27-24 victory on Sunday in Orchard Park with a volley of snowballs. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, making his way to the tunnel, wasn’t spared either by the Bills supporters.

This reaction could be traced to the disappointment they felt watching Mahomes cement victory against the Bills in the playoffs for the third time in four years. Alternatively, the Bills Mafia might have been exasperated at listening to Taylor Swift’s celebration, as her partner and Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, scored twice in this nail-biting playoff match.

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Another possible upset for the Buffalo fans could have been the Bills kicker falling short, a scene all too familiar. The possibility to level the game at 27-27, was extinguished when Tyler Bass’s 44-yard field goal attempt went wide right, 1:47 minutes away from the fourth quarter’s closure.

This unfortunate incident could have ignited the painful memory of Super Bowl XXV for the Buffalo fans. They would remember when Scott Norwood, in a similar situation, sent the ball wide right on a 47-yard field goal attempt, with a mere eight seconds remaining on the clock. This marked the loss of the Bills to the New York Giants, who, under the guidance of head coach Bill Parcells and defensive coordinator Bill Belichick, celebrated their maiden Lombardi Trophy with a 20-19 victory.

Once more, Buffalo fans experienced the anguish of a postseason failure. In contrast, the Chiefs were on the verge of qualifying for the Super Bowl yet again. Mahomes, already the proud awardee of two titles, has been the helmsman of the Chiefs offense for the past six seasons.

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With this triumph, the talented quarterback has guided his team to the AFC title challenge in every year of his starting career. However, this upcoming clash will carry a different weight, given it’s the first time Mahomes’ Chiefs will play as visitors in the AFC Championship.

This game will take place against the Baltimore Ravens, fresh off their triumphant win against the Houston Texans, with a scoreline of 34-10. The Ravens will take the honor of hosting the Chiefs on Sunday, Jan. 28, with the victor progressing to the contest of contests – Super Bowl LVIII.

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