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National Archives to Release Hundreds of Emails Related to Joe Biden’s Burisma Connections

Impeachment Inquiry Against Biden: House Republicans Uncover a Storm of Emails


Intriguing developments are unfolding in the current investigation by House Republicans, focusing on potential cases of corruption linked to President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and their immediate family members.

It’s been relayed by the reliable news source, Just the News, that an estimated 1,800 emails will be handed over by the National Archives to the House Oversight Committee. Spearheading this search for truth is Chairman James Comer (R-Ky), with the initiative being an essential component of the impeachment inquiry orchestrated by the GOP against President Biden.

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The slew of documents that are expected to add more clarity to this situation total 1,799 emails, constituting more than 60,000 pages, as stated by the Washington Examiner. A crucial point of interest in these emails are exchanges between former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, which hold discussions around Ukraine and energy corporation Burisma, as revealed by Just the News.

There’s been sustained interest by Republican leaders regarding Burisma, primarily due to allegations implying that payoffs were being collected by Joe and Hunter Biden. The objective of these alleged payoffs? To potentially silence an investigation led by then-Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin into Burisma.

Earlier this year, confidential human source information, an unclassified FBI document, divulged information about an alleged conspiracy attached to this scenario, becoming public knowledge.

The formal declaration of the impeachment inquiry against President Biden was pronounced in September by then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, bereft of the need for a chamber-wide vote, a procedure expected to occur this week by Republicans.

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A significant update came last week when the House cast their vote in favor of launching an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Media outlets, including Reuters, have previously reported on the Democrats’ decision to impeach then-President Donald Trump. Republicans have consistently maintained over the past months that they have amassed sufficient evidence to back their claims of Biden profiting financially from his son’s business maneuvers.

A striking part of their allegations revolves around a supposed $5 million bribe from a Ukrainian authority while Biden was seated as Vice President. In a press conference hosted by the House Freedom Caucus held in September, Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) replied to a provocative question from a journalist about the evidence Republicans held to initiate the inquiry.

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“With all due respect, this inquiry is a step towards justice, not retribution,” Perry emphasized. He further cited the conspicuous bank records and the upscale homes owned by the Bidens, arguing that such wealth is implausible on a congressional or Senate salary. “It raises eyebrows when family members amass millions from overseas concerns,” Perry elaborated.

Maintaining an energetic demeanor, Perry went on to say, “No standard norms justify the ownership of numerous shell companies. All these irregularities raise suspicions of not just rampant corruption, but possibly of money laundering, and even influence trading.”

A lead figure in these proceedings, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), currently the principal Republican on the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, shared critical information with Just the News. It’s been flagged that at least six notifications related to Hunter Biden’s foreign business transactions, referencing President Joe Biden’s home address in Delaware, triggered concerns about potential criminal conduct, possibly involving money laundering or even human trafficking, as reported by the news outlet.

Adding more depth to his conversation with Just the News, Johnson mentioned how Suspicious Activity Reports (SARS) have accounted for roughly $12 million in dealings over a span of years. Interestingly, a portion of these transactions were processed through Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Del., residence; a place he had allowed his son to inhabit.

Johnson hypothesized that President Biden must have had some inkling about his son using his home as a business and banking address, if nothing else, then due to the volume of postal mail arriving at the house. “Loads of letters addressed to Hunter’s businesses would be delivered to his location, suggesting President Biden’s awareness,” Johnson hinted about the current Oval Office holder.

He further commented, “I must say, it’s been evident for a long time that the operations of Biden Inc. are not free from corruption. Our president’s compromised position has been apparent for a while.”

Carrying on with the investigation under the GOP’s leadership, it’s clear the Republicans are committed to diligently uncovering any potential misconduct involving the Biden family. These allegations, if substantiated, could greatly affect President Biden’s role and reputation. While the outcome of the impeachment inquiry is still uncertain, it certainly promises to have major political repercussions.

An understanding and respect for due process is necessary in this critical time. However, these noteworthy revelations cannot be dismissed easily. If the House Republicans underlying inquiries and allegations find solid grounding, it could signal a dramatic turn in the course of American politics. However, with the case still being pursued, all are advised to stay patient and await the journey towards truth.


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