Only Fans Model Ava Louise Causes Outrage and Event Shutdown with Her Latest Stunt at NYC Dublin Portal

Head-Turning Event Closure by OnlyFans Persona, Ava Louise

A personality famous on the content subscription platform OnlyFans, who had previously earned notoriety from two instances on the Dr. Phil show, is in the news circles again due to her provocative actions. You might recall her controversial proclamation on Dr. Phil, stating an extreme preference for physical attractiveness over longevity– ‘rather die hot than live ugly’. This individual, Ava Louise, boasts an Instagram following of over 400k users, and recently sparked controversy by exposing herself in a live art exhibit shared between New York City and Dublin, which led to the termination of the event.

The shutdown of this cultural exchange event caused considerable disappointment among the community. However, this isn’t Ava Louise’s first run-in with such public disturbance. The rapid rise from a mere social media aspirant to a notable OnlyFans figure was marked by several controversial actions that continually pushed her into the limelight. Even as she started in 2019 with just 40k followers on Instagram, she has perpetually courted controversy off and online with her blatant displays and belligerent attitude.

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On one of her appearances on Dr. Phil, she vehemently defended her commitment to the ideal of becoming a ‘skinny legend’. She confessed that esteem and fame were her primary driving forces in life. To her, a ‘skinny legend’ refers to someone who benefits substantially from being both attractive and slender. Ava argued that she had experienced both sides of the coin–being conventionally attractive and not–and she would always choose to be ‘hot’ if she got to choose.

Ava has always been open about her drastic measures to maintain her physique. She confessed on Dr. Phil to consuming diet pills as ordinary as ‘tic-tacs.’ The possible health implications didn’t seem to faze her, as she claimed her priority was not to age gracefully, but to maintain her youthful beauty. Helena voiced out her adamant stance, ‘I’d rather die hot than live ugly.’ This controversial view extended to her opinion on age. ‘I don’t want to be old anyway. Old people are ugly,’ Ava had proudly declared.

Beyond mere physical attractiveness, Ava Louise has repeatedly professed her desire to be ‘famous for being famous.’ She remains indifferent to the nature of the attention she receives – good or bad. This disregard for the way she’s perceived appeared to back her conviction that popularity was key, regardless of how it was attained. In 2020, she surprised her followers with a provocatively distasteful act that solidified this belief.

With the COVID-19 pandemic grabbing international headlines, Ava Louise decided to flout the seriousness of the impending global crisis. She posted a TikTok video of herself licking an airplane toilet seat. Her post was seen as an unacceptable mockery of the escalating global emergency. Ava Louise later explained her action as a ridicule towards the older generation, suggesting that she wasn’t taking the pandemic seriously because it seemingly targeted the elderly.

A return gig on Dr. Phil ensued where Ava Louise further discussed her motivations for her outrageous actions. During her interaction, she managed to be introspective enough to acknowledge that she was frustrated that the pandemic was garnering more attention than her. Ava, attempting to downplay the severity of a virus that would ultrimately claim countless lives, admitted, ‘I was, like, really annoyed that corona was getting more publicity than me’.

Soon after the toilet seat licking stunt, Dr. Phil confronted Ava Louise on his show, challenging her recklessness. He described Ava as ‘spoiled and entitled’ and reminded her of the potential deadly consequences of her actions. Dr. Phil questioned Ava, ‘If you infect one person that loses their life, is it worth it for you to have this attention?’ Ava, seemingly unphased, simply replied with an affirmative ‘yeah.’

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Interestingly, Ava also teased a potential threat towards Dr. Phil, in a twisted attempt to make light of his concerns about the virus. She told the renowned TV host that she might ‘pull up and cough on’ him, tactlessly joking about the virus. Her apathetic demeanor encapsulated her insensitivity around the global pandemic and her willingness to prioritize her fame over necessary health precautions.

After her contentious appearances on Dr. Phil, Ava Louise was slated to join Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’ in the fall of 2019 to discuss her life as a ‘sugar baby.’ However, this conversation was never aired. Rumors circulated that Pinkett Smith found Ava’s character and lifestyle ‘gross and disgusting,’ leading to the cancellation of her feature. When Ava later share her side of the story, she explained that she was alerted by the Smith family to refrain from contacting them again due to their conflicting views on sex work.

Even with the hitches Ava Louise encountered on different media networks, she continued to exhibit provocative behaviour. The most recent instance was her performance at the NYC-Dublin portal, which proved to be another stunt up her sleeve. This controversial move sparked outrage and led to the abrupt termination of the event.

Many who were aware of Ava Louise’s past actions were hopeful that her performance at the NYC-Dublin portal would be her last inflammatory attempt at popularity. However, the reality star seemed prepared for more antics, suggesting that she wasn’t done stirring controversy.

Ava Louise reportedly took to her own video platform after the NYC-Dublin portal incident, making light of the situation by expressing her thoughts. She was caught saying, ‘I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see two New York, homegrown potatoes,’ as she exposed her upper body in the live portal exhibit.


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