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Obama Family Member Supports Trump as He Blasts Joe Biden

Malik Obama Shows Support for Trump 2024 – ‘F Biden’


Former President Barack Obama’s older half-brother, Malik Obama, appears to be critical of current President Joe Biden.

Malik posted a photo on his X account (previously known as Twitter) where he sported a red baseball cap with the message “F Biden.”

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The Friday post was captioned the same, and the photo showed Malik smiling confidently at the camera.

Breitbart News approached Malik, inquiring about his stance on former President Trump for the 2024 election. Malik affirmed, “Yes I am.”

This isn’t the first instance of Malik endorsing Trump; he voiced support for Trump back in 2016 as well.

Explaining his choice of headgear, Malik stated, “I wore the hat because Gary had it, and, well, I’m not fond of Biden. I’m not a Democrat. I’m a Republican.”

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The hat in question was crafted by Gary Grinberg, who created it as a bold critique of the current Biden administration.

Grinberg elaborated, “I designed the hat as I wanted to express myself openly. The red color ensures it stands out.”

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Malik further solidified his pro-Trump sentiment by sharing the Breitbart News piece on his X account with the caption “MAGA 2024!”

Interestingly, Malik has publicly criticized his younger half-brother on multiple occasions.

He has termed Barack Obama a “fake” and has even penned a book titled ‘Big Bad Brother From Kenya,’ where he critiques the former president and offers his perspective on the Obama tenure.

Speaking to Breitbart, Malik expressed, “I don’t see eye-to-eye with him. His success seems to have changed him, and not in a way I appreciate.”

The difference in opinions within the Obama family is evident, especially between the two brothers.

Malik’s recent actions and comments suggest he believes a different leadership direction is needed for the U.S. in 2024.


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