NYC Places Lives of Migrants Over FDNY and NYPD in Latest Budget Cut Proposal

NYPD and FDNY Overtime to Be Cut for The Cost of Migrants Entering the City


The ongoing migrant situation continues to pose challenges for New York City, prompting officials to announce budget adjustments over the weekend.

Mayor Eric Adams has previously expressed concerns over the city’s ability to manage the situation, suggesting that it could have long-term repercussions for the metropolis. Despite this, there has been no indication from the mayor that New York City’s status as a sanctuary city will be revoked.

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In a move to address the financial strain, Budget Director Jacques Jiha circulated a memo stating that the mayor is planning to initiate an overtime reduction strategy for the city’s four uniformed agencies, which include the NYPD, FDNY, DOC, and DSNY.

According to the New York Post, the memo further stipulates that these agencies should develop plans for reducing annual overtime expenditures.

Financial estimations suggest that the city may incur around $12 billion in expenses related to the migrant situation over the next three years, leading to the decision to reduce agency budgets. Initially, a 5% cut is planned, potentially increasing to a 15% reduction by spring.

Jiha has stated that even with these significant reductions, it would only offset about two-thirds of the city’s projected asylum-related costs.

This decision has already met with opposition, particularly from Patrick Hendry, the leader of the Police Benevolent Association, New York City’s largest police union.

Hendry argues that the NYPD is already under-staffed and that cutting overtime without addressing staffing levels would make it challenging to maintain public safety. He stressed that an investment in retaining experienced officers is crucial if the city aims to save money without compromising safety.

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Last year, the NYPD overspent its budget of $700 million, much of it due to overtime costs, which seems to be the initial focus of these budget cuts.

While no layoffs are currently expected due to these budget adjustments, a source close to city hall cautioned that layoffs might become unavoidable given the extent of the financial challenges facing the city.


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