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NYC DOT Announces Paving and Milling Work for the Coming Week

New York City’s Department of Transportation announced plans for paving and milling work set to take place in the coming week, both during the day and at night. The work will take place throughout the boroughs, and contractors will post notices in advance of the areas affected. If cars are not moved, they will be towed around the corner or to the nearest block without any construction. In the event of a change in schedule or if advance notices cannot be posted, contractors will inform affected residents verbally.

Residents who wish to lodge a complaint or report a pothole or other street defect can call the city’s central complaint hotline at 311 or the Staten Island Department of Transportation office at 212-839-2395. All work is subject to weather or emergency repair needs.

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On Monday, crews will be working in the Grasmere, Arrochar, and Ft. Wadsworth neighborhoods on Mallory Avenue, between Hylan Boulevard and Kramer Street, and Lamport Boulevard, between Hylan Boulevard and Kramer Street. Tuesday, work moves to Great Kills and Howton Avenue. Wednesday sees milling work in Great Kills on Schley Avenue, Rhett Avenue, Brower Court, and Edgewood Road. On Thursday, Great Kills and Westerleigh will see work on Edgewood Road, Hillcrest Avenue, Highmount Road, Eleanor Lane, and Presley Street. And on Friday, Great Kills will be worked on at Wiman Avenue and Driggs Street.

Monday and Tuesday nighttime work will be done on Hylan Boulevard, between Bay Terrace and Ainsworth Avenue. The remaining week’s night work is scattered throughout Grasmere, Arrochar, Fort Wadsworth, Dongan Hills, South Beach, and Port Richmond.

Monday’s milling work will occur in Mariner’s Harbor, Port Ivory, Port Richmond, and Graniteville, on Caswell Avenue, Canterbury Avenue, Tremont Avenue, and Levit Avenue. Tuesday will see work in Westerleigh and Port Richmond on Bryson Avenue and Auburn Avenue. Wednesday’s milling work will occur in Port Richmond on Hawthorne Avenue, Holgate Street, Wyona Avenue, and Denton Place.

Thursday’s milling work will occur in Old Town, Dongan Hills, South Beach, Westerleigh, and Port Richmond on Lathrop Avenue, Burnside Avenue, Shaw Place, and South Greenleaf Avenue. Finally, Friday’s milling work is set for Westerleigh on South Greenleaf Avenue.

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While the paving and milling work is likely to cause temporary delays and inconvenience, it is important for the city to maintain its roadways and infrastructure. Keeping streets in good, safe condition helps businesses and residents alike, making these upgrades a worthwhile investment of time and funds. As such, we encourage all those affected to remain vigilant and adjust their travel plans as needed to minimize disruption.

NYC DOT understands that construction can be an inconvenience but ensuring that our roads are safe and reliable is our top priority. All scheduled work has been coordinated and planned to have the least impact on residents and visitors alike. We advise everyone to plan ahead and keep this information in mind when traveling throughout the coming week.

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The contractors have been instructed to work as efficiently as possible, to minimize the impact of the work on residents and commuters. Both the Department of Transportation and the contractors involved in this work appreciate the public’s cooperation in helping to complete the upgrades quickly and safely.

With these upgrades, the city is investing in its future, ensuring that the roads remain safe and reliable for years to come. This work also helps to create jobs, at a time when many in our city are struggling with employment. We remain committed to supporting these kinds of infrastructure investments, knowing that they will pay dividends both now and for years to come.

Maintaining our highways and roadways is essential for maintaining public safety and supporting economic growth over the long term. By investing in upgrades and maintenance work like this, we are investing in our city’s future. We encourage all residents and business owners to do their part to help support this initiative, and to prioritize safety as we complete this work in the coming week.


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