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NYC Brings Back Mask Mandate to FDNY for Concerns Over Covid Return

FDNY Delivers Mask Response to Anticipate Potential Virus Spread


With the surge in cases related to COVID-19 as well the flu and other respiratory diseases, the policy within the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) has been adjusted. The change reflects the needs for enhanced protective measures to safeguard both the front-line medical personnel and the patients they serve.

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Fire truck and ambulance staff, pivotal components of our emergency medical system, will now be donning masks while attending their duties. This involves every crucial interaction, granting them an extra layer of protection at times they are most susceptible to exposure.

The decision to enforce this universal masking policy isn’t taken lightly. It stems from a commitment and responsibility to ensure the health and safety of those who provide life-saving treatment to those in need, often before they reach the confines of a hospital environment.

Ambiguity isn’t a luxury we can afford during these times. The mandate is clear, significantly reducing the chances of miscommunication amongst personnel. Any and all emergency medical practitioners providing treatment outside the boundaries of a hospital are compelled to mask up.

The directive strongly encourages wearing of a surgical mask. This type of mask is deemed fit to provide a substantial level of filtration, adequate in most interactions experienced by ambulance and fire truck personnel in the field.

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However, an N95 mask is pointed out as the gold standard. Although surgical masks serve their purpose, the N95 offers superior protection. The intention is to limit the possibility of transmission through the air to the absolute minimal levels.

This decision by the FDNY isn’t an isolated event. It is, in fact, contributing to a larger trend that we’re witnessing unfold in the healthcare space wherein institutions are revisiting their protective measures and stepping up efforts for containment.

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The timing of this change is significant. It reflects a proactive approach by the FDNY in anticipation of the heightened virus spread which tends to coincide with the cooler months of the year.

This comes on the coattails of renewed masking orders encompassing all 11 public hospitals in the city. These institutions, each a cornerstone of our healthcare infrastructure, are now all observing rigorous masking protocols.

Ordering this change among FDNY personnel not only strengthens existing protocols, but also ensures an alignment across public health resources in the city. Ensuring consistency in safety measures allows these multiple parts of the system to play in harmony.

Taking these protective steps is a pressing priority, anything less would not only undermine the efforts taken city-wide but would also risk the health of our invaluable first responders. Those in the field bear a disproportionate exposure risk, making their protection a matter of utmost importance.

In conclusion, whether on the swift response vehicles of our city’s fire department or within the walls of our public hospitals, masks are becoming more than personal protective equipment. They are evolving into a beacon of commitment towards maintaining the health of both providers and recipients of emergency medical care.

Overall, this dedication by the FDNY ensures that each responder’s brave efforts to save lives is bolstered by protective measures, equipping them with the best defense against the harsh reality of our current health crisis. As we continue to face down this unseen adversary, we can only extend our gratitude and support to these invaluable individuals who continue to stand in the face of crisis.

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