North West’s Criticism of Kim Kardashian Makes Waves at Met Gala

North West’s Unfiltered Opinions At Met Gala 2023

Emerging as an astute specter of fashion criticism, North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, recently delivered some fierce critiques. The ten-year-old is swiftly permeating the world of fashion policing. Much to Kim’s surprise, North’s flair for outfit judgements was divulged during an episode of The Kardashians aired on November 23; washing away the comparison of North being ‘the modern reincarnation of Joan Rivers’.

It was during a span of candid interactions that Kim confessed North’s growing affinity for examining people’s attire. This intrigue was punctuated by her passion to call out the intricacies of outfits, much to her mother’s amusement. The youngster’s critique prowess was brought to full display during her mother’s fitting session for the Met Gala 2023.

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North openly criticized Kim’s pearly ensemble, designed by the creative director of Schiaparelli, Daniel Roseberry. Her discernment picked up the extra space between the pearls, leading to comparisons with a ‘Hawaiian girl’s tattered dress’. North remained highly skeptical about the authenticity of the pearls as well.

To counterbalance North’s skepticism, Kim intervened to clarify her wrong perception. As an astute entrepreneur herself, the SKIMS founder tried to enlighten North about the high-quality, expensive pearls used in the dress. The intention was to evoke a vintage vibe with a modern twist rather than an old-fashioned ‘flapper girl’ look.

North promptly retorted with a detailed analysis of the outfit, expressing her aversion towards its ‘beachy’ appearance. The addition of sparkly accents was deemed as a wrong step for the attire by her. North’s view of the decorative pearls was a mix of admiration and a slight tinge of disappointment ‘akin to the appearance of trinkets from the Dollar Store’.

Experiencing North’s vehement disapproval was Daniel Roseberry, who had warmly welcomed the possibility of a constructive feedback session, only to be ripped apart. The reality of his creation being heavily criticized shook him, as he described it as a ‘distressing dream coming true’. Looking visibly shattered, Daniel said this was like being on the reality hidden camera show Punk’d the evening before the Met Gala.

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Furthermore, North West seemed unimpressed not only by her mother’s Schiaparelli number but also her previous Balenciaga outfit from the Met Gala 2021. She liken unto a plastic bag that seemed to suffocate the wearer, an eerily vivid depiction of unsolicited fashion disaster.

Kim, taken aback by North’s strong critique, urged her not to be too harsh. She acknowledged her daughter’s right to voice her opinion, but her unsparing comments left the reality TV star pleading for leniency. Rather sharply, North retorted, promising to keep her opinions to herself if they were considered too disapproving.

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With popcorn as company, North then proceeded to dive into Met Gala’s red carpet fashion through the TV, voicing her comments without inhibition. Her cheeky comments continued as she observed Yung Miami copying her mom’s signature pearly look, branding it as ‘unoriginal’.

Kim’s ex-beau, Pete Davidson, was not spared either from North’s fiery critique. In her view, Davidson appeared to have been dressed more aptly for a casual visit to a gas station rather than a prestigious event like the Met Gala. The 10-year-old generated a hilarious yet insightful observation.

However, the top award for ‘cringe’ was given to Jared Leto, who seemingly turned up in a cat-inspired outfit reminiscent of legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite pet. Leto’s comical getup didn’t sit well with the young savant of fashion.

As for those who received accolades from North, the list includes Kardashian family friends Paris Hilton and La La Anthony. Additionally, North was all praises for her aunts Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. Kim noted jokingly in the confessional, being teased by a 10-year-old child should not be taken too seriously.

However, Kim confessed that all the trolling has been somewhat taxing. ‘These jibes from North are all lighthearted and should be taken with a grain of salt. But, somehow, they still manage to sting,’ she reflected. Gathering feedback from a budding fashion critic certainly turned out to be an interesting experience for all involved.

The 2023 Met Gala experienced firsthand the quick wit and candor of a new-gen fashion critic. North West’s appraisals turned out to be much more than simple child’s play. With an eye for detail and a drive for perfection, she is determined to pave her path in the fashion world.

The young fashion connoisseur’s critiques generate a bold new perspective on the fashion policing world. North’s insight is like a breath of fresh air, nudging designers and fashion experts to see their creations from a different angled lens. It’s a revelation that North, only at the age of 10, is making waves with her honest assessments.

This turn of events certainly makes the Met Gala 2023 a memorable affair, where a rising star made a mark. Capturing the essence of fashion critique with popcorn in hand, North West unveiled her candid opinion with raw honesty. This is surely but a sign of what’s in the pipeline from this young fashion critic.


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