No Masks At Capitol Could Lead To ARREST As Republicans PROTEST

This week Capitol Police were given an order to arrest any staff or visitors in the House that do not wear a mask.

While they were advised not to arrest members of Congress, police are still supposed to report any lawmaker that doesn’t comply. House members face $500 fines for breaking mask rules.

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Congresswoman Kat Cammack was able to view the memo handed out Thursday and shared it to Twitter. She also mentioned that many officers are uncomfortable with their new guidelines.

The memo points out that anyone in violation of the mandate is subject to arrest for unlawful entry and will be asked to leave the premises.

Cammack and many other GOP representatives are frustrated with the new mask mandate in the House, which follows updated guidance from the CDC. The mandate is not present in the Senate and Pelosi is facing backlash for her input.

The Capitol Police said they doubt a situation will arise where someone is arrested. Pelosi’s office added that they had no control over the decision.

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Police officers are also mandated to wear masks at all times while in the House side of the Capitol.

As of this afternoon, maskless Republican lawmakers gathered in the Senate chamber to protest the mandate.

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