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45th President Trump Critiques Nikki Haley’s Presidential Bid – Not A ‘Serious Candidate’

Nikki Haley Misses Crucial Indiana Ballot, Trump Asserts Dominance

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In a recent development, the potent potential candidate for the presidency in 2024, and the 45th President, Donald Trump, criticized Nikki Haley, the ex-Governor of South Carolina, for her inability to secure a place on the Indiana ballot. Citing a shortfall of required petition signatures as evidence of her not being a ‘serious candidate’, Trump laid into Haley in a highly-publicized comment on his leading social media outlet, Truth Social.

In his comment, Trump expressed, ‘Nikki Haley failed to make the Indiana Ballot demonstrating a lack of sufficient Petition Signatures—a clear indication of not meeting the deadline. The absence of her name in Indiana signifies that she cannot be considered a serious contender. It’s fundamentally crucial—you can’t ignore Indiana if you hope to contend for the Presidency,’ as echoed by Indiana’s prospective Senator Jim Banks

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Haley’s failure to access the ballot in the Hoosier State has added fuel to the debate that questions her constitutional qualification for the presidency. Some quarters have argued that due to her parents not holding U.S. citizenship at her birth in 1972, Haley’s eligibility for the top office is in question.

Lending weight to this argument, Legal Clerk Paul Ingrassia opines that only ‘natural born citizens’ of the United States, as per the Constitution, are eligible to become the President or Vice President. Ingrassia draws upon Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, of the Constitution which reads, ‘No one, unless a natural born Citizen or a Citizen of the United States at the time this Constitution was adopted, qualifies for the Office of President. The same applies to any individual who has not accomplished the age of thirty-five years and been a US resident for fourteen years.’

In another highlight from the Iowa caucus, Trump etched his name in the annals of history by becoming the first ever Republican, or for that matter Democrat, to win the majority of the vote, braving icy temperatures. It’s interesting to note that the last time a candidate came anywhere near to bagging a majority was in the chilling caucus of 1984 when Democrat Walter F. Mondale scored 49 percent of the vote.

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Spying a clear lead in these crucial times, the mainstream media’s most recent polls bear witness to Trump dashing pitch-perfectly ahead against President Joe Biden. As events unfold in the New Hampshire primary, this 45th President has created a precedent by emerging as the first Republican, who is not the current President, in contemporary times, to wield his triumphant sword through the first two presidential nominating bouts.

Heightened by his substantial victory in the Iowa caucuses just a week prettier, these wins have accelerated his trajectory towards a potential head-to-head clash with President Joe Biden. These developments are being closely monitored by political enthusiasts and analysts, and the final outcome may well define the contours of the political landscape in the years to come.

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