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NH Secretary of State No Longer Seeks to Keep Trumps Name Off of 2024 Ballot

NH Secretary of State Reverses Course Amid Public Scrutiny, Confirms No Names Will Be Removed from 2024 Ballot


In response to widespread public engagement prompted by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan stated on Monday that he has no plans to exclude any candidates from the 2024 Republican primary ballot in the state.
Kirk had encouraged people to reach out to Scanlan’s office following rumors that Scanlan was contemplating the invocation of the 14th Amendment to disqualify Donald Trump, the 45th President, from appearing on the ballot.

Scanlan had earlier met with attorney Bryant “Corky” Messner to discuss Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, as reported by Breitbart News.

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This clause prohibits public officials who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the United States from holding office. Messner, who had previously run for State Senate with Trump’s endorsement, was the one to bring up the matter with Scanlan.

Messner stated, “It may seem strange, but I don’t see myself as betraying Trump. I’ve taken an oath to this country, served it, and my sons are serving it as well. I believe it’s crucial to have a legal interpretation of this section by the Supreme Court.”

Prominent legal thinkers like Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Laurence Tribe and retired federal judge J. Michael Luttig have argued that this clause is self-executing and not subject to criminal or impeachment proceedings, a point of view described as controversial by some.

Scanlan, in an interview cited by Breitbart, explained his cautious approach: “I am not a lawyer, so I will be consulting legal experts for advice before making any decisions. The attorney general’s office will also be consulted, and judicial input is likely necessary.”

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Charlie Kirk shared this development with his listeners, encouraging action irrespective of their geographic location. “This affects everyone,” he said, adding, “we need to make it clear that even considering this is unacceptable.”

Within hours of this call-to-action, Scanlan confirmed to NBC News that he is “not seeking to remove any names from the presidential primary ballot.”

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Kirk, in turn, told Breitbart that efforts to keep Trump off the primary ballot must be closely watched and challenged, saying, “The grassroots are vigilant and active.”

Scanlan further told the press that Messner “discussed his thoughts on challenging the former president’s eligibility,” to which he listened open-mindedly. “As decisions on qualifications come up, I aim to be prepared by consulting legal experts so that I can act appropriately,” Scanlan concluded.


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