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NFL Teams Embrace Joint Practices for Intense Preseason Preparation

Established Quarterbacks Prioritize Health, Skip Exhibition Matches

Training camp brings out the best competition in the NFL, as teams take to the practice fields to sharpen their skills. With the preseason schedule now shortened to three games, more and more teams are opting for joint practices rather than risking injuries in exhibition matches.

This year, an impressive total of 27 teams will be participating in joint sessions, a significant increase from 23 teams last season, showcasing the growing trend. Thirteen teams have scheduled joint practices with two clubs, up from seven just a year ago.

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These joint sessions provide coaches with a controlled environment to evaluate their starters with less concern for injuries, while allowing rookies, backups, and players vying for starting spots or roster positions to experience valuable game action.

Texans rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud had the opportunity to showcase his skills in three preseason games, making him the only starting quarterback to have taken any snaps so far. As the No. 2 overall pick, Stroud had a pass attempt interception among his four pass attempts.


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Bryce Young, the No. 1 pick, is set to start for the Carolina Panthers in their upcoming game against the New York Jets. It is interesting to note that established quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Justin Herbert are not participating in exhibition games.

In fact, the Jets and the Panthers recently engaged in joint practice ahead of their game, showcasing the value of these sessions in providing meaningful preparation for both teams.

Joining a new team, Aaron Rodgers, the veteran quarterback, is expected to utilize New York’s joint practices as his primary preseason preparation.

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On the other hand, Buccaneers QB Baker Mayfield, engaged in fierce competition with Kyle Trask for the starting job, will lead the team in their next preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While Tom Brady, during his time in Tampa Bay, played a few series in the preseason, he, like other accomplished quarterbacks, recognizes the importance of preserving his health and saving his best performance for the regular season.

Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is set to make his appearance in Kansas City’s preseason opener, featuring in the first quarter, highlighting his commitment to the team as well as the value of preparation.

Matthew Stafford, the experienced quarterback now with the Los Angeles Rams, has chosen not to participate in exhibition games for his first two seasons with the team.

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Instead, the Rams have planned scrimmages with the Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos, providing an opportunity for Stafford and his teammates to fine-tune their skills.

The collaborative practice sessions between the Giants and the Lions leading up to their game demonstrate the teams’ commitment to both player health and effective evaluation.

For players, this format offers a chance to face off against different opponents, while coaches can glean greater insights into their team’s performance.

Despite the widespread adoption of joint practices, five teams—Buffalo, Pittsburgh, defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City, Dallas, and Seattle—have opted out of this trend and are not participating, choosing to focus on their own internal preparations for the season ahead.

These teams have their own strategies and may prioritize specific training methods to ensure their players are in optimal condition when the regular season kicks off.



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