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NFL Supplemental Draft is Back for Limited Time in 2023

Undrafted College Players Have Another Chance with NFL Supplemental Draft

If there’s one thing that has been noticeable in the NFL over the years, it is the lack of need for a supplemental draft. However, that changed in 2019, and according to NFL writer Dane Brugler, the supplemental draft is coming back for a limited time in 2023, precisely on July 11.

This means players who did not declare for the NFL draft can make their way to the league. Usually, this happens when something changes in their circumstances after the draft deadline, making it impossible or highly improbable for them to return to college. But hey, the window is open, and anyone who’s eligible is welcome to apply and get a shot at the pros.

In the supplemental draft, a player’s bid determines their selection. Each team has the opportunity to make a bid on a player, and the highest bidder gets their pick.

They don’t necessarily share the opportunity, either, as they bid for a draft pick for the following season on a particular player. Each team is assigned an order, and just like the regular draft, they must follow it if they want a chance to select someone. If their bid is successful, however, they forfeit that round pick the next year.


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NFL scouts have to go through a comprehensive process to select the top players in the league, and the same applies to the supplemental draft.

Here are some of the most notable athletes who were selected in the supplemental draft- Jalen Thompson, Cardinals (2019, Round 5), Sam Beal, Giants (2018, Round 3), Isaiah Battle, Rams (2015, Round 5), Josh Gordon, Browns (2012, Round 2), Terrelle Pryor, Raiders (2011, Round 3). These guys were specifically picked because they demonstrated the potential to succeed in the NFL.

It’s no secret that the NFL has seen some of the best in their respective careers, and the supplemental draft provides a unique opportunity for players to show they have what it takes to compete at the professional level.

The process may not be very straightforward, but it’s a chance for prospects to showcase their skills in front of scouts, coaches, and team owners. If you’ve dreamed of playing in the NFL but missed your chance to declare for the draft, the supplemental draft could be your path to success.

The supplemental draft is back, and you know what that means- an opportunity for players who missed their chance to make a name for themselves in the NFL draft. According to NFL writer Dane Brugler, it’s back for a limited time in 2023, and the scheduled date is July 11.

If you’re eligible and want to make your way to the league, this is your chance. It’s a chance to prove to scouts and coaches what you’re capable of and why you deserve a shot in the pros.

Sometimes, extreme circumstances can make it impossible or improbable for some college players to declare for the NFL draft. Fortunately, the supplemental draft is a unique way for them to make their dreams come true.

It may not be the most convenient way, but it’s better than no way at all. The NFL recognizes how unfortunate it can be for such talents to miss their opportunity to be part of the most prestigious league in the world. That’s why the supplemental draft is such a valuable tool.

The supplemental draft is a rare and unique opportunity for undrafted college players to make their way to the professional league. It happens when they find themselves in extreme or unexpected circumstances that disrupt their ability to return to college and continue playing for their college teams.

The upcoming 2023 supplemental draft will take place on July 11, and many young players who missed their chance to declare for the NFL draft are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to showcase their talent.

The NFL supplemental draft is a gamble, but it’s a chance nonetheless. It’s a chance for players who missed their opportunity to enter the regular draft a chance to display their skills to coaches and scouts, and even team owners.

So if you’re one of those young players who believes they have what it takes to play in the NFL, then apply for the supplemental draft and show the world what you’re capable of.

The NFL operates like any other business, and as such, they have to invest in the best possible talent to remain competitive.

The supplemental draft is an excellent opportunity for young, overlooked players to demonstrate the value they can bring to a team and carve a place in the NFL for themselves. The edge-of-your-seat excitement that comes with the draft is what makes it such a unique and thrilling spectacle.

With the NFL supplemental draft coming back in 2023, it is time for young, undrafted athletes to get busy and apply for eligibility.

This is their chance to show the world what they can do and make their dreams come true. It can be a significant way to make an impact in the professional league and set yourself up for a career full of opportunities and achievements.

The NFL is one of the most competitive and highly-respected sports leagues globally, and making it is a dream come true for most young athletes.

The supplemental draft is one’s best bet if they missed their chance to participate in the regular draft. It may not be the easiest path, but it provides a unique opportunity to prove yourself and show the world what you’re capable of.

The chances of being selected in the supplemental draft may be slim, but those who are lucky enough to make it often end up becoming NFL stars. If you dream of playing in the league, then you have to be willing to take the risk and put your name out there.

Who knows? You may end up striking the jackpot and playing at the highest level of the sport. So go on, apply for the supplemental draft, and make your dream come true.

The supplemental draft is coming back in 2023, and it’s a chance for young undrafted players to compete at the highest level of American football.

It’s an opportunity to prove their worth, show that they have something different to offer, and that they’re ready to take their game to the NFL. The draft process is a thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience that all football players dream of.

The NFL supplemental draft gives young players an alternative option to pursue their dreams of playing in the professional league. It may not be the smoothest path, but it could be the most rewarding if done correctly.

The upcoming 2023 supplemental draft shows that the NFL’s commitment to expanding the league’s talent pool and providing opportunities for young athletes who may have missed their chance during the regular draft.

The NFL is a league full of surprises, and the supplemental draft is one of them. It’s a chance for young players, who may have missed their opportunity to enter the regular draft, to get another chance.

The supplemental draft process may be challenging, but it’s a thrilling and rewarding experience for those who make it through. So if you believe you have what it takes, take the risk and apply for the upcoming supplemental draft.


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