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NFL Launches Inquiry into Bengals’ After Joe Burrow Wasn’t Listed on Pregame Injury Report

Bengals Under NFL’s Microscope for Non-disclosure of Burrow’s Injury

An inquiry has reportedly been initiated by the National Football League (NFL) into the Cincinnati Bengals regarding their injury report, specifically pertaining to star quarterback Joe Burrow. Unforeseen circumstances led to Burrow’s abrupt exit from the recent Thursday night game due to a wrist injury. Interestingly, Burrow was not documented as injured in the Bengals’ roster prior to the game versus the Baltimore Ravens.

The incident caught attention during the second quarter of the match on Cincinnati’s touchdown drive. While Burrow pulled off an impressive touchdown pass to running back Joe Mixon, sharp discomfort was evident. His facial expressions and actions revealed an apparent agony that was hard to miss.

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Subsequently, Burrow was benched in favor of a substitute for the upcoming drive – his performance stats stood at 11 completed passes out of 17 for a total of 101 yards and the significant score. This unplanned change sparked questions, casting a shadow over the Bengals’ non-disclosure of his injury pre-game.

ESPN reports that the NFL places considerable importance on injury report compliance. Violating these guidelines is not taken lightly by the league and could result in various forms of disciplinary action. This could include financial punitive measures or subtractions from the team’s future draft picks.

Upon contact from Fox News Digital for a statement regarding the matter, the Bengals have yet to respond. This delay has left room for speculation and the evolution of the story without any official remarks from the team.

Following Joe Burrow’s exit from the field, Jake Browning stepped in as the replacement quarterback. Browning’s statistical record for the match stood at 68 passing yards achieved by successfully completing 8 out of his 14 attempts. His contributions also included a touchdown pass to wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase.

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Despite the commendable performance from Browning, the Bengals ultimately succumbed to a 34-20 defeat in the encounter. The setback has since impacted the team’s standings, bringing their season tally to 5 wins and 4 losses.

Although facing a defeat, the team’s head coach Taylor remained hopeful about their future prospects in the playoffs. He voiced his optimism while reflecting on the longer span of the season and the chance to bounce back.

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‘Being able to regroup is essential in a long season such as this,’ Taylor was quoted saying. ‘We’ve navigated through similar situations in the past. The next seven weeks is our chance to regroup and rally for the rest.’,

Emphasizing the upcoming face-off with Pittsburgh, Taylor referenced it as a ‘great opportunity’ to start course correction. The confident tone suggested his belief in the collective potential of the team to make a successful resurgence.

Taylor also sought to remind everyone of the team’s inherent strength during his comments. ‘Don’t misjudge the kind of team we are. We have a genuine chance to regroup.’, he stated.

Redirecting attention to the team’s vision, Taylor reiterated their focus remains uninterrupted. ‘Our objectives are still well within reach. It’s crucial to remember that at this juncture, the team’s fate is well within our control.’, he concluded, exuding self-assurance.

This news coverage also incorporates information contributed by The Associated Press. The continued investigation by the NFL and its implications on the Bengals’ future games will be followed for reportage.


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