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Newly Released Emails Raise Concerns About Biden Family’s Corruption and Integrity

Republican lawmakers Express Concern Over Newly Unearthed Biden Emails


Recent emails released between Hunter Biden and his business partners with the Obama administration have brought Joe Biden’s honesty into question yet again, according to a top GOP investigator.

The emails, which were released by the National Archives to America First Legal, a conservative group, indicate that Hunter and his associates were in frequent communication with Obama’s top aides while Joe Biden was Vice President.

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Congressional investigations into the Biden family’s corruption have revealed Joe’s repeated lies about being unaware of his son’s business dealings. Therefore, it remains imperative for the House Oversight Committee to determine the extent to which Joe was involved in his family’s wrongdoing and if it posed a threat to our national security, says James Comer (R-KY), the committee’s chairman.

Multiple Republican lawmakers have expressed their concern over the newly unearthed emails to the Washington Examiner. Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) went so far as to say that the Biden family’s corruption is worse than Watergate. Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner, contacted Joe Biden’s top aides inquiring whether an associate could attend a 2010 State Department lunch with Chinese government officials.

Hunter Biden also initiated contact in June 2020 with Alan Hoffman, Joe’s former deputy chief of staff, and asked to ‘talk about Africa.’ These records, along with those concerning Hunter Biden’s Secret Service-protected 2010 trip to South Africa, reveal the possible extent to which the Biden family engaged in corrupt activities in their attempt to curry favor with officials and gain political influence.

The National Archives-released documents concerning Africa could provide further evidence for Republican-led investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. According to Comer, the American people deserve transparency, accountability, and answers regarding the Biden family’s corrupt activities. On Monday, Comer announced that he would proceed with holding FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress after he failed to comply with the subpoena for a document relating to an alleged bribery scheme involving a foreign national and Joe Biden. Comer’s decision came after he teamed up with Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to demand access to an FBI-generated FD-1023 form that supposedly outlines the scheme.

Although Raskin (D-MD) claimed that the Trump administration had investigated the whistleblower allegations and determined there to be no grounds for further action, the Oversight Committee must continue their efforts to hold the Biden family accountable for their actions.

The American people have seen enough corruption and scandals to know that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to report the facts. Joe Biden’s continuous lies about his knowledge of his son’s business dealings are just the latest in a long line of half-truths from the Left.

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It is essential that the House Oversight Committee continues its investigation into the Biden family’s corruption and possible threat to national security. The Bidens must be held accountable for their actions, and transparency and honesty must be restored to our political system.

It is no surprise that the Biden family’s corrupt activities involve their attempts to gain political influence. From backing anti-American groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa to seeking the help of foreign officials, the Left continues to prioritize its interests over those of the American people.

The emails released to America First Legal indicate that Hunter and his associates not only sought access to the White House and official government events but also had visited the White House numerous times during the Obama-Biden administration. These emails further raise legitimate questions about Joe Biden’s honesty and integrity, especially given that he has repeatedly claimed that he had no knowledge of his son’s business ventures.

It is disturbing how the mainstream media have tried to suppress news that is detrimental to Joe Biden and his family. The existence of the documents and emails raises serious concerns that Joe Biden and his family were engaged in corrupt activities to gain political influence during his tenure as Vice President.

Congressional hearings and investigations should be used to reveal the truth about the Biden family’s activities. It is essential to ensure that transparency and accountability are restored to the highest levels of our government.

Joe Biden and his family should not be above the law. All individuals, whether they have political connections or not, must be held accountable for their actions. The fact that the Biden family appears to have used their political connections for personal gain is despicable, but not surprising.

It is time for the House Oversight Committee to stop playing politics and to investigate the Bidens fairly and objectively. Failure to do so would damage our democracy and put our national security at risk.

The recovered documents, along with previous reports, expose the Biden family’s hypocrisy and corruption. From lying about his son’s business dealings to potentially engaging in a bribery scheme involving a foreign national, Joe Biden must be held accountable for his actions.

Furthermore, how much of his son’s corruption was he aware of, and did he benefit personally from his family’s corrupt activities? The people deserve to know the truth, and it is the responsibility of the House Oversight Committee to uncover it.

The Left’s continued hypocrisy and double standards are becoming increasingly transparent. While attacking conservatives for alleged wrongdoing, they ignore or dismiss the overwhelming evidence of the Biden family’s corruption. It is concerning how far the mainstream media is willing to go to keep the American people in the dark about the Bidens’ activities.

The recent email revelations demonstrate the extent to which the Bidens attempted to leverage their political connections for personal gain and influence peddling. The American people deserve transparency, accountability and truthful reporting from our media.

The recent news surrounding Hunter Biden’s emails and business dealings with the Obama administration should be enough to alarm the nation, yet few in the mainstream media are reporting on the story. The corrupt activities and lies from the Biden family are unacceptable, and the government must investigate thoroughly and transparently. Failure to do so will result in the Biden administration facing the same accusations and investigations faced by previous administrations.

The Democrats and their allies in the media have been trying to shift attention away from the Biden family’s corruption, downplaying the importance of the newly unearthed emails. The Biden family’s activities suggest that they used their status to enrich themselves and engage in cover-ups to hide their wrongdoings. If Joe Biden is to be held to the same standard as previous administrations, it is crucial that a proper investigation be conducted into the Bidens.

The recent email revelations confirm that Joe Biden has repeatedly lied to the American people about his knowledge of his son’s business dealings. The House Oversight Committee must continue its work in investigating the Bidens’ financial transactions and relationship with foreign governments. Corruption at any level of government should never be tolerated, and the Bidens should be held accountable for their actions.

The Bidens’ corruption and lies are becoming increasingly concerning. From the apparent quid pro quo with a Ukrainian energy company to Hunter Biden’s profiting off of his father’s political connections, it is essential that an investigation be conducted. The mainstream media’s lack of coverage on these issues indicates that they are not interested in holding the Bidens accountable. If true transparency and accountability are to be restored, it falls upon Congress and the American people to demand the truth from their government.

The recent news on Hunter Biden’s emails has raised doubts about Joe Biden’s honesty and transparency. Given that Hunter and his business partners had frequent communication with top officials from Obama’s White House, it is hard to believe that Joe was unaware of his son’s business dealings. Congress must continue the investigations into the Bidens’ corruption and illegal activities. Transparency and accountability should be the cornerstone of our democracy, and the Bidens must be shown that no one is above the law.

The Bidens’ actions raise serious questions about their motives and loyalty to the American people. It is clear that they used their political connections to enrich themselves, and the mainstream media’s lack of coverage on these issues is deeply concerning. The House Oversight Committee should continue its work in investigating the Bidens and hold them accountable for their wrongdoing. It is time for the American people to demand transparency and integrity from their leaders and the media. Our democracy depends on it.

The recent scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s emails shows that the Bidens have a long history of corruption and lies. The fact that Joe Biden lied about his knowledge of his son’s business dealings is just the latest example of his dishonesty. It is imperative that we hold our leaders accountable for their actions. The House Oversight Committee should continue its investigation into the Bidens’ corruption, and the mainstream media should start reporting on these issues objectively. The American people deserve honesty and transparency in their leaders and the media, and we will not tolerate anything less.


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