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New York City Air Quality Levels Nearly Normal After Hazardous Readings

Hazardous New York City Air Quality Levels Improve to ‘Unhealthy’

Air quality levels are nearly back to normal levels for the New York City area, but there is still a possibility that the air could be unhealthy on Friday. Plans for scheduled events could be affected by the air quality levels.

This could include events such as the Governors Ball Music Festival and the Belmont Stakes, which are both scheduled to go ahead as planned. However, the New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has said that if the air quality index exceeds 200, then the Belmont Stakes may be called off. Horses that pass an additional pre-race vet examination will be permitted to race if the air quality is between 150-200.

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The air quality alerts are still in place through Friday night as smoke continues to linger in the tri-state area, but the air quality index sits at just above 60 Friday morning, which is safely in the moderate range.

As the day goes on, it could reach levels that are unhealthy for those who are sensitive. But, officials have indicated that it is not going to be enough to impact scheduled events like sporting events and Broadway.

Schools that were closed Thursday, such as Yonkers and Newark, are open once again. However, NYC high school students will be doing remote learning on Friday, and elementary and middle school students have the day off. Students at Elizabeth, New Jersey, schools are on a half-day schedule. Despite this, students in the tri-state area will be in classes one way or another throughout the day.

The previous days had seen the city’s air quality index levels reach ‘hazardous’ levels, where officials recommend everyone stays indoors and reduces their activity levels. However, this situation has vastly improved since then.

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As of Thursday afternoon, air quality levels were at 173 which brought the city back down to the label of ‘unhealthy’ levels, rather than ‘hazardous’ or ‘very unhealthy’. This represents a significant improvement from earlier in the week.

The New York City Health Commissioner, Aswin Vasan, said that earlier this week, there was the worst air quality in New York since the 1960s. Many people had been noticing difficulty in breathing as a result of the smoke and incredibly hazy conditions.

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This is why officials have encouraged people to limit their strenuous activities. Vasan encourages people to consider avoiding outdoor events and activity through Friday night to reduce exposure to poor air quality.

The fine particles in the air are among the most harmful, according to the city’s site. New York City on an average day sits at 35 micrograms of fine particles per cubic meter of air.

That number skyrocketed to nearly 900 on Wednesday afternoon, which spells trouble not only for people with breathing issues but also for healthy people. New York City ranked top of the list of the world’s major cities with the poorest air quality on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fortunately, the smoke levels are expected to decrease over time. Moreover, the weekend looks ideal, with temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. There could be scattered showers popping up in the afternoon and early evening, but overall, the weather looks to improve the air quality.

The smoke still won’t be gone completely, but the wind shift expected on Saturday, will significantly ease the air quality and smoke issues in our area, while also warming us up into Sunday.

The city’s site warns people of hazardous air quality if there is a haze, and visibility is limited. The sepia-tinted look didn’t return to the city this week, although there was a noticeable haze that limited visibility, it will be a lot better than before.

Conditions will be far improved from what they were on Wednesday, with the smell of smoke and fire permeating throughout the city, which was illuminated in a somewhat apocalyptic glow. Although there will be some haze again Friday, it won’t be nearly as bad.

The past two days saw the smoke continue to linger in the tri-state but at much-reduced levels compared to previous days.

Smoke from out-of-control wildfires is pushed into the United States, but the low-pressure front off the coast of Maine should move by Saturday, meaning the smoke will head elsewhere. This will lead to noticeably better conditions into Saturday.

The air quality needs to improve for safety and health reasons, but overall, things are improving. It does appear, at least for now, that the scheduled events such as sporting events and Broadway shows won’t be affected by the decreased air quality levels.

This is great news for those who were concerned they may have to cancel plans due to the poor air quality conditions.

A lot of people were wondering if schools would be closed, but officials have confirmed that they will be open. Although high school students are doing remote learning, those who attend elementary or middle school will have the day off.

Other schools just have a half-day schedule. The officials want to ensure that children will be in classes.

It is essential to be aware of the air quality index and understand the potential health implications. This is why officials are urging people to be cautious and take precautions if the air quality levels are elevated.

This includes limiting exposure to outdoor activities that could expose you to the harmful effects of pollution.

This message is especially true for sensitive groups of people, such as the elderly, small children, and those people with respiratory issues.

Those individuals should take additional precautions and limit their time outside as much as possible. Air quality alerts have been extended through Friday night, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any updates.

The weekend weather looks to be great, which is a great relief for those who have been struggling through the poor air quality levels.

The wind shift expected on Saturday will ease the smoke issues in our area, while at the same time raising the temperature into Sunday. The rain expected on Monday will help ease the dry conditions, which have expanded across much of the northern New Jersey area.


The importance of monitoring air quality levels has never been more critical. Officials will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as needed.

Overall, things are improving, and this is good news for the people in New York City and the surrounding areas. The smoke levels are decreasing, and it appears that events can take place as planned, which will be a welcome relief to many.


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