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New Hampshire Drops Block on Keeping Trump Off of the Primary Ballot

New Hampshire Secretary of State Protects Presidential Primary Ballot Integrity


New Hampshire’s Secretary of State, David Scanlan, firmly stood his ground amid calls to disqualify the leading GOP contender for the presidency.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Scanlan emphasized that as long as the candidate fulfills their declaration of candidacy, signs it with the utmost sincerity and faces the penalties of perjury, along with paying the required $1,000 filing fee, their name will rightfully appear on the presidential primary ballot.

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It is worth noting that the New Hampshire election law explicitly states that anyone who completes these necessary steps shall have their name printed on the ballots. Scanlan ensured that this provision is not up for negotiation but rather a matter of following the law impartially.

The Secretary of State’s announcement was preceded by the evaluation of State Attorney General John Formella, who concluded that the 14th Amendment, as advocated by legal scholars like Lawrence Tribe, J. Michael Luttig, and even some anti-Trump Republicans such as William Baude and Michael Stokes Paulsen, does not grant Scanlan the authority under New Hampshire law to prevent a candidate from participating in the elections.

This firmly establishes that any attempt to utilize the 14th Amendment to manipulate the candidate selection process is without a legal foundation, as acknowledged by numerous legal experts.

On September 4th, former President Trump shared his perspective on Truth Social, highlighting that the overwhelming majority of legal scholars have reasoned against the applicability of the 14th Amendment in the forthcoming 2024 Presidential Election.

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Trump asserted that the notion of using such an amendment is a mere ploy devised by the Radical Left Communists, Marxists, and Fascists to once again undermine the integrity of the election process.

He firmly stated his belief that this attempt is nothing more than election interference, as the worst, most incompetent, and most corrupt President in U.S. history, whom he refers to as their candidate, cannot attain victory in a fair and open contest. Trump concludes his post with his iconic slogan, ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’

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New Hampshire’s election laws stand firm and resolute, embodying the principles that underpin a fair and impartial democratic process. Secretary Scanlan’s unwavering commitment to these principles was evident as he emphasized that candidates adhering to the established requirements will be included on the all-important ballot.

This steadfast approach ensures that the candidate selection process remains democratic, unbiased, and free from undue interference. By upholding the sanctity of New Hampshire’s election laws, Scanlan has effectively protected the democratic values so vital to our nation.

The decision by Secretary of State David Scanlan echoes the sentiments of countless conservatives across the country who believe in the importance of adhering to the letter of the law.

By insisting on the requirement of a declaration of candidacy, penalties for perjury, and the stipulated filing fee, Scanlan has displayed an unwavering commitment to maintaining the integrity of the electoral process.

This steadfastness underscores the belief that rules and regulations should be upheld without compromise, ensuring that all candidates participating in the primary receive equal treatment based solely on their fulfillment of legal obligations.

The guidance provided by State Attorney General John Formella, which reinforces Scanlan’s position, solidifies the confidence conservatives place in upholding the Constitution and the rights enshrined within it. Formella’s conclusion, by considering the opinions of esteemed legal scholars, demonstrates a commitment to legality and adherence to New Hampshire’s specific election laws.

This reliance on established legal principles reassures conservatives that decisions are made based on impartial analysis and objective interpretation of the statutes.

Former President Trump’s assertion on Truth Social resonates with conservatives who view the invocation of the 14th Amendment as a dubious attempt to taint the upcoming election.

This sentiment stems from the belief that legal experts overwhelmingly reject the idea that the application of this amendment holds any legal weight in the context of choosing a President.

By expressing concerns over potential election interference, Trump echoes the prevailing conservative viewpoint that the election process should be fair and just, providing every eligible candidate with an equal opportunity to compete.

The New Hampshire Secretary of State’s resolute stance on printing candidates’ names on the ballot reflects the values of transparency and democratic fairness that conservatives hold dear.

adhering to the state’s election laws without wavering, Secretary Scanlan ensures an environment where every candidate is considered equally, irrespective of their political affiliations.

This principled approach emphasizes that every candidate deserves a fair chance to make their case to voters, free from undue interference or manipulation.

The evaluation conducted by State Attorney General John Formella plays a crucial role in shaping the path forward, reinforcing the conservative belief in objective analysis. Formella’s conclusion, after careful consideration of legal experts’ opinions, aligns with the conservative perspective that the 14th Amendment does not provide a legitimate basis for determining a candidate’s eligibility.

This impartial assessment from a respected authority bolsters conservative confidence in a legal system that remains impartial, fair, and true to the principles set forth by the Constitution.

The concerns expressed by former President Trump on Truth Social resonate with conservatives who value the essence of a free and fair election.

Trump’s depiction of the 14th Amendment as a ploy intended to overshadow the electoral process mirrors the conservative sentiment that any attempt to manipulate or undermine the sanctity of elections must be opposed.

Such views align with the conservative belief that the President should be elected through an unbiased and lawful procedure, ensuring that the true voice of the American people is heard and respected.

New Hampshire’s Secretary of State David Scanlan’s steadfast commitment to following the letter of the law instills confidence in the conservative community, who seek to champion fair and balanced elections. By wholeheartedly relying on the election laws, Scanlan ensures that the electoral process remains a true reflection of the will of the people.


This adherence to the established rules safeguards against the encroachment of biased agendas, demonstrating the conservative belief that the integrity of the electoral system should be preserved at all costs.

The State Attorney General’s assessment of the 14th Amendment application resonates with conservatives as it reinforces their commitment to respecting constitutional principles. By analyzing the views of legal scholars and experts, the Attorney General has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to upholding the rule of law.

This engagement with well-reasoned opinions further establishes the conservative belief that decisions should be grounded in sound legal reasoning and precise interpretation, ensuring that the democratic process upholds the values and standards enshrined within the Constitution.

Former President Trump’s statements on Truth Social have resonated with conservatives who are deeply concerned about the sanctity of the upcoming election. By questioning the legitimacy of the 14th Amendment’s relevance, Trump reflects the conservative belief that the electoral process should remain free from interference, manipulation, and attempts to subvert its integrity.

Sharing the concerns of countless conservatives, Trump’s assertion emphasizes the importance of preserving the fairness and authenticity of elections, allowing the American people to have trust in the democratic system.

The resolute stance of New Hampshire’s Secretary of State reflects the unwavering commitment of conservatives to a transparent and impartial electoral process. In a time when doubts and uncertainty surround elections, Secretary Scanlan’s determination to uphold election laws without exception highlights the conservative belief that integrity and fairness are the bedrock of a functioning democracy.

This steadfastness serves as a reminder that adherence to the established rules ensures that every candidate, regardless of political affiliation, has an equal opportunity to present their case to the American people and earn their support.


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