Navy Member Attempts Unlawful Access to Biden’s Medical Records

A Navy member found themselves in hot water after a failed attempt to illicitly access restricted medical information of President Biden, as shared by a military spokesperson recently. As the information stated, this bid for unwarranted access occurred on February 23. The spokesperson, Cmdr. Tim Hawkins, revealed that the sailor under focus was from Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command at Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia. From the Navy’s side, it was made known that the sailor, whose identity remained unrevealed, looked up ‘Joseph Biden’ three times on the military health system’s digital database within a substantial time span, attributing it to ‘curiosity’.

Significantly, the detail of this disciplinary action surfaced initially through CBS News and ABC News reports. Biden, aged 81, found himself in the midst of increasing doubts regarding his health and mental fitness due to his performance in the June 27 debate. This triggered a rising number of Democrats, concerned about his condition, proposing that he forego his aspirations towards re-election.

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As per the disclosed information regarding the Navy incident, it was a colleague who alerted the authorities about the possible flouting of medical privacy laws by the sailor. Consequently, an in-depth investigatory process was carried out by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, wrapping up on April 24, as stated by Commander Hawkins.

Commander Hawkins reassured that the sailor accessed records were not that of the US President’s electronic health records, and via email, stressed that there was no risk posed to the President’s personal information. However, the Navy kept under wraps the nature of the disciplinary action levied against the sailor in question.

All queries regarding this matter were directed by the Biden campaign team towards the White House which remained surprisingly silent and failed to respond to requests for comment in a timely fashion. Not surprisingly, neither Biden nor former President Donald J. Trump, the two oldest major-party nominees in the history of presidential runs, has been overly transparent regarding their medical information.

Recently, the Biden administration, known for secreting information, came under the spotlight concerning the frequent visit of a Parkinson’s disease expert from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to the White House – a total of eight meetings within a span of eight months, commencing last summer and continuing into this spring. The records additionally reveal that Biden’s physician had at least one meeting with the expert.

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The visiting expert, Dr. Kevin Cannard, a reputed neurologist, evidently frequented the White House, as confirmed by visitation logs. Such frequent interactions of a Parkinson’s disease expert with the White House and Biden’s physician arouse questions about the President’s health, despite public assurances of his wellbeing.

According to a recent statement by Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the White House physician, Biden was reported to have been examined by Dr. Cannard at least once per year as part of a routine annual health checkup. Despite the constant scrutiny and doubts surrounding Biden’s health, O’Connor stated that the latest examination showed no signs of the President suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

While these details were provided by O’Connor, it’s worth questioning the frequent visits of a Parkinson’s disease expert, given Biden’s previous health concerns. It is alarming that an expert specifically for Parkinson’s disease was necessary to be consulted for just ‘routine checkups’, raising even greater concerns about the President’s health status.

Even though the public is informed that Biden is in good health, the repeated visits to the White House by a Parkinson’s disease expert add a layer of complexity and suspicion to the President’s health narrative. Is Biden really as healthy as his representatives claim he is, or are there undisclosed health concerns that the public should worry about?

The secrecy surrounding the incident of the sailor attempting to gain unauthorized access to Biden’s medical records, in addition to the fact that the Navy remained undisclosed about the specific disciplinary actions taken, adds further to the sense of uncertainty looming over Biden’s health situation.

With the lack of transparency and the growing speculations surrounding President Biden’s health, it is essential for the public to question what is really happening behind the scenes. Is the Biden administration being completely honest about the President’s health or is the truth being withheld?

Biden’s age coupled with the repeated concerns about his health and mental capabilities raises critical questions about his competence in leading the nation. These ambiguities cannot be dismissed casually, especially considering his already questionable performance in many areas.

As the queries and doubts about Biden’s health condition continue to mount, it becomes even more crucial to question his transparency and the administration’s attitude towards public interest. Is his well-being a validation of the opposing claims, or is it a meticulously crafted narrative, shrouded in layers of ambiguity and veiled by secrecy?


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