Biden: ‘Good Sex,’ Is the Key To A Successful Marriage

The President Shares His Golden Tip for a Successful Marriage

Joe and Jill Biden

At 81 years of age, our country’s leader is known, among his associates in the White House, for sharing his belief that the cornerstone of a thriving marital relationship is ‘good sex.’ According to a recently published book, he is comfortable discussing this within his inner circle. This charismatic leader is known for his frank and open nature. Personal anecdotes and candid remarks about his own marriage are a common part of his conversations, demonstrating his passionate personality.

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Throughout the years, Biden wouldn’t hesitate to share intimate aspects of his personal life publicly, leading to some unexpected moments. For instance, back in 2006, before his second attempt for the Presidential seat, he expressed candidly to his following, something along the lines of, ‘I’d much rather be at home, in the loving arms of my wife after our children are tucked in for the night.’ His representative at the time reiterated that he is simply a man ‘intensely dedicated and deeply in love’ with his wife.

The book also delves into the romantic journey undertaken by the couple during the 1970s, after the tragic loss of Biden’s first wife. It elucidates on the intricacies of their nearly half-century long journey together, characterized by unwavering love and dedication.

During his tenure in the US Senate, the straightforward and passionate Biden occasionally left his staff with the challenging task of addressing reactions to his open remarks. However, since his victory in the 2020 election, his public discourse regarding his personal life has become more measured, though he is known to share with his staff that in his experience the ‘good sex’ plays an integral role in maintaining a blissful marriage.

In a heartwarming throwback, the book recounts Biden’s interview with the Washingtonian magazine in 1974, a time when Biden was dealing with the devastating losses of his wife and his one-year-old daughter Naomi, in a tragic car accident. During the interview, he wholeheartedly spoke of the emotional and intimate bond he had with his late wife Neilia.

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With regard to preserving a happy and enduring marriage, Biden has often expressed to his aides that being emotionally connected and good in the bedroom is vital. He recollected a time when his wife used to remain at home with their kids while he was on the campaign trail, he concluded that this arrangement deprived them of time to communicate effectively, despite their physical closeness.

It was then that Biden thought of getting his better half involved in the campaign. This turned out to be a masterstroke as not only did this fortify their relationship, but also paved the way for his triumphs. He humorously infers that it was his wife that won the hearts of Delaware’s people and he just came along with the package.

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During his early days as a widower, Biden openly expressed his desire to experience the joy of matrimony once again. Firmly dismissing the image of a frivolous bachelor, he maintained that allegiance to one woman is more his style than changing partners. He further shared that he wasn’t a ladies’ man but rather a family man desiring to find a woman who would love and adore him again.

Jill, who later became his wife, would prove to be pivotal to Biden’s political life. She was made aware of this, and she knew that should she choose to partner with him, she would become an integral part of his strategic vision.

The pair were brought together by Biden’s brother James, after Biden was fascinated by a photo of her that he saw in the Wilmington, Delaware airport in 1975, the same year she divorced her first husband. Jill’s former husband, Bill Stevenson, however, disputes this account and instead claims that he introduced the couple in his kitchen in 1972, during Biden’s Senate campaign.

The couple’s journey to the altar wasn’t without its own hoops. Biden had to propose five times, guided by nudges from his sons, Beau and Hunter, before Jill finally gave her assent.

Years later and Biden still introduces himself at public events as ‘Jill Biden’s husband,’ a testament to his enduring love and admiration for his wife. Jill’s influence transcends her role as the First Lady. She is a key protector of Biden’s close circle and served as a critical ally in his 2020 campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic, which otherwise hampered large public gatherings.

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