Kid Rock Fans Shun Bud Light this 4th of July

Conservatives’ July 4 Beer Choice: ‘Anything But Bud Light’


During a recent Kid Rock concert, we had a chance to catch up with attendees on how they’d be celebrating this 4th of July. We started a chat, quite innocently, on the beer choice for the holiday.

Rich, a concertgoer, shared his thoughts with a Fox News correspondent confirming he’d be grabbing ‘just about anything other than Bud Light’. He entertained the idea of maybe quenching his thirst with Heineken Light.

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David, another participant at the event, was resolute in his beer choice. In his uproarious declaration, he stated: ‘Bud Light isn’t on our menu here.’

While these individuals seemed hardline, a couple at the event, Sean and Lauren, showcased an air of nonchalance on the issue. Sean mentioned, ‘It doesn’t matter to me, Bud Light’s as good as any.’

Nodding in agreement, Lauren echoed Sean’s sentiments, ‘It doesn’t bother me either.’ It is interesting that Bud Light, a once uncontroversial beer, is receiving this level of reaction.

The cause is traceable back to an April incident where Bud Light decided to ally with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, marking Mulvaney’s ‘365 Days of Girlhood’. This controversial move incited nation-wide upheavals and boycotts.

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These major events have led to a severe hit on sales figures of Bud Light. Retailers, distributors, pubs, and service-oriented companies that serve Bud Light are witnessing a significant impact on their profit margins.

Kid Rock himself was one of the first prominent figures to publicly denounce Bud Light’s partnership with Mulvaney. As a show of his displeasure, he filmed himself firing at Bud Light cases.

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At his recent No Snowflakes Summer Concert tour event in Nashville, a number of Kid Rock’s fans exhibited similar resentment to his towards the beverage maker.

When asked about the Bud Light boycott, a fan named Aaron leveled: ‘Why Bud Light? It’s a nation-wide boycott. That’s the spirit of folks who cherish their freedom.’

Another fan, Dan, documented his ill-fated Bud Lite stash, ‘At home, I still have some Bud Light—pre-controversy era. But, believe me, no one wants to touch that stuff now.’

The plummet in Bud Light sales is quantifiable. In fact, sales fell a whopping 24.4% compared to last year by the week ending on June 3, according to NielsenIQ data obtained by FOX Business.

Another surprising data point revealed by Bump Williams Consulting is the meteoric rise of Modelo Especial. With the downfall of Bud Light, Modelo Especial has had the opportunity to occupy the apex position as the top-selling beer brand, considering both a four-week period and the single week ending June 3.

Phoenix resident, Ron, who happened to be visiting Nashville, had this to say about the situation: ‘Once a company gets political, that’s a game-changer.

It makes things uncomfortable, and I won’t support it.’ He added a poignant message about consumer power, ‘In America, you get two types of votes—one at the ballot box and another with every dollar you spend.’

Interestingly, the couple we met earlier, Sean and Lauren, were seemingly unfazed by the controversy Bud Light has sparked. ‘It isn’t a bother to me,’ one of them noted. Although Kid Rock is an open critic of Bud Light, he has maintained a curious coexistence with the brand at his concert venue.

At Kid Rock’s popular Nashville joint, ‘Big Ass Honky Tonk & Rock ‘N’ Roll Steakhouse’, Bud Light still can be found on the menu.

This hasn’t deterred loyal patrons from visiting and enjoying their favorite music, albeit with a different brew in hand. However, many former Bud Light drinkers seem to have written off the brand for good.

Concertgoer Rick confirmed his decision was final. ‘This here is a Corona for me; I won’t be downing any Bud Lights.’ Other former fans of Bud Light also shared their new brew affiliations for the holiday weekend—one favoring beers from Miller Lite, Firestone, or local favorite 805.

One anonymous individual noted his disdain for the situation, stating, ‘All I ask is respect for personal preferences and not pushing agendas on consumers.’

The Bud Light backlash appears to not simply be a debate on product choice, but a statement on corporate decision-making. The ‘let the crowds decide in the marketplace’ sentiment is being echoed across the conservative community.

The fallout for Bud Light is indicative of consumers wanting their choices made freely, without external pressures or inducements. As more Americans express their opinions, it becomes clear that people desire to celebrate their freedom in their way, with the power of the choice given back to them.

For many, it seems, the choice is clear. Be it a fizzy Bud Light, a piquant Heineken Light, or perhaps a refreshing Modelo, what consumers demand is respect for their personal choices—untethered from divisive and unilateral corporate narratives.

This Independence Day might carry more weight than any other. It’s a day of fireworks, unity, celebration of our nationhood—and now, it might just mark a day when individuals rallied to reclaim their freedom to choose their beer, without any brand cramming an agenda down their throat.


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