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Musk Renames Twitter ‘X’ , Asks Public for New Logo Ideas

Farewell to Twitter’s Bird: Musk’s Vision for a Radical Rebrand


Elon Musk, the visionary tech-leader, has revealed bold plans to replace Twitter’s iconic bird logo. Not only that, he also requested public suggestions for a logo that would be just right for his revolutionary ‘everything’ app, known as ‘X’.

With a pinned tweet showcasing a potential ‘X’ logo, it seems that Musk may already be considering viable alternatives.

The billionaire entrepreneur disclosed his intentions to make swift alterations to Twitter’s long-standing logo — and has initiated a public brainstorm for his upcoming app’s logo design. On a Saturday night tweet, Musk proposed a rapid change.

If an ‘X’ logo of superior enough quality was presented that very evening, he was prepared to implement that change the next day.

‘Soon, we will say farewell to the twitter brand, and bit by bit, all vestiges of the birds,’ Musk informed his followers in a rather cryptic tweet. Since his October takeover of the social media giant, a $44 billion deal, the company’s journey under Musk has observed some high tides and rough seas.

Among the various challenges faced during this transition period have been workforce reductions, friction with advertisers, and the emergence of new rivals, one of them being Meta’s Threads.

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Fidelity’s current assessment suggests that Twitter’s value has diminished to one-third of the price Musk originally bought it at.

Moreover, even as recently as the previous week, Musk admitted the company continues to struggle financially due to a considerable debt burden coupled with a sharp decline in ad revenues.

However, amidst these tumultuous times, Musk is laying the groundwork for a radically different future for the platform.

Musk has often alluded to his concept of an ‘everything app’ aptly named ‘X’. In an article published in April by Bloomberg,

it was revealed that Musk has brought Twitter under the ambit of X Corp., one of three strategic holding entities he established in the April of the previous year, each varying in term of X holdings.

Details about this revolutionary app remain shrouded in mystery. Musk, however, has hinted that Tencent’s multifunctional WeChat could serve as an influence.

With features like messaging, video chatting, gaming, photo sharing, ride and food ordering, and even banking and shopping, the Chinese app offers a glimpse of what ‘X’ might entail.

Inviting his massive following to contribute creative ideas, Musk consistently shared several logo concepts on his Twitter page. This collection also featured a retweet of the defunct logo, a relic from a past venture in online banking that Musk established in 1999.

At the apex of his Twitter profile, he pinned a tweet displaying an animated X logo, sparking speculations that he may have finally selected a worthy successor to Twitter’s renowned bird logo.

Undeterred by the array of issues currently plaguing Twitter, Musk looks to the future, hinting at discussions surrounding a possible change of the platform’s default color to black. He stressed the significance of this decision in a subsequent tweet, stating: ‘This is important.’

Musk’s recent manoeuvres indicate a deep commitment to making Twitter’s platform fit into a larger vision, which includes the innovative app ‘X’.

Although this transition phase has brought its fair share of turbulence, Musk’s dynamic leadership and his ambitious underpinnings often hint at promising developments on the horizon.

As he boldly moves forward with his plans to redefine Twitter and launch ‘X’, Musk’s eagerness and openness to public suggestions and viewpoints is a testament to his unique leadership style.

It underscores his belief in fostering an interactive dialogue with the digital community, on matters that directly impact their user experience.

These recent events underline the myriad ways in which Elon Musk, known for his disruptiveness, continues to revolutionize not just Twitter, but the social media space at large.

Through actions laden with profound implications, like the proposed change of logo and color, he shatters the traditional notions of status quo, pushing both users and the industry towards adaptation and evolution.


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