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LISTEN: Miami Mayor Says Ron DeSantis Has “No Personality”


On an Episode of the Full Send Podcast, Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez was Interviewed and touched on his relationship with Governor Ron Desantis.

Miami Mayo Suarez describes the two of them as very different people.


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He describes himself as a people person and says DeSantis doesn’t have much personality.

DeSantis is described as not being one to attend any cocktail parties and to behave in an anti-social manner. Suarez says they have very different personality types.

On the Contrary, Suarez describes the first time he met Donald Trump. People in his office were looking forward to the two of them meeting.

Suarez was at a wedding and got to meet former President Trump. Upon meeting him , Trump Said “The mayor of Miami? You’re the only politician in America hotter then I am.”

He goes on to describe  President Trump as charismatic and having a certain warmth. He then states that Governor DeSantis would not behave this way with him.

Suarez says if meeting with DeSantis “he might shake his hand, might look me in the eye, might not.” He isn’t confident in DeSantis’s ability to connect with people or make people believe in him.

When asked if Trump would win this year Suarez said its so hard to predict as there are too many chaotic elements.

He sees how the country is going after him in a backhanded effort to use the judicial system to take him down.

Says it’s very bad for the future of this country and compares it to how elections are run in third world countries.

In the past, Suarez spoke out on the Disney vs. DeSantis Feud. Stating that his “personal vendetta” with Disney has cost the state of Florida over 2000 jobs and over a $1 Billion dollar investment. Seems to be that DeSantis doesn’t care what happens as long as he gets his way.

When it comes to Politics, Suarez states “He’s had a real struggle with the Florida congressional delegation, most of which are supporting former President Trump.”

He explains how DeSantis doesn’t even buttonhole endorsers and that he didn’t call any of the people personally.

Suarez said that his fundraiser or pollster was the one making the calls to congressional leaders on his behalf.




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