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Mets Fumble Yamamoto Signing as Owner Comes Under Fire

Steve Cohen Reveals Unwavering Mission to Revamp the NY Mets

For the New York Mets, the journey continues, as communicated by team proprietor Steve Cohen to The Post on a recent morning. ‘Indeed, as an organization, we’ve given everything we have. It’s inevitable that one party triumphs and the other falls short, and that’s just the nature of things,’ shared Cohen, interrupting his Caribbean vacation. ‘I’m proud of our endeavor, and I’ve given it my all. The show must go on.’

Part of Cohen’s commitment involved a journey to Japan with David Stearns, the head of baseball operations, to hold a discussion with Yamamoto prior to the off-season meetings. Cohen paved the way for Yamamoto to interact with manager Carlos Mendoza and pitching coach Jeremy Hefner by hosting a dinner gathering at his home in Connecticut last weekend.

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The proposed terms for Yamamoto from the Mets mirrored that of the Dodgers in both duration and value. Cohen chose not to delve into the specifics of the discussions, yet a well-informed source indicated that the Mets’ proposal was one of the first received by Yamamoto’s team, and the Mets were not given an opportunity to increase their offer.

This source also suggested that the Mets probably wouldn’t have raised the stakes significantly due to the considerable posting fee that ramped up the overall expenditure to an estimated $375 million.

The Mets’ backup plan might well involve a more calculated strategy in terms of strengthening their pitching rotation, as opposed to an instinctual shift towards high-profile individuals such as Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery.

‘We aim to be both mindful and deliberate, prioritizing longevity over immediate success and not focusing on capturing media attention over the following week,’ stated Cohen. ‘In my eyes, there are multiple strategies to assemble a solid team.’

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Despite Yamamoto, the 25-year-old player, being the team’s elusive prize, Cohen insists that he is unwavering in his mission to revamp the Mets. ‘As I recall, no single player can either make or ruin a team,’ Cohen asserted.

‘We are set on building a robust team. It will materialize in due time. Gradually, but surely, the evolution and enhancement of the team will become apparent. With a common vision, we have the right managerial staff in place.’

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