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Megyn Kelly Rips Into Hillary Clinton Following Trump’s Indictment

Megyn Kelly Calls Out Clinton and Maddow, Citing Double Standards


Podcast host Megyn Kelly, renowned for her striking presence on SiriusXM and previous stint on Fox News, strongly criticized Hillary Clinton, the two-time Democratic presidential candidate, and MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow for their conduct on-air following the indictment of former President Donald Trump.

During a recent show segment, Clinton and Maddow shared a moment of laughter over the charges, implying the possibility of more to come.

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While Maddow accused Trump of harming democracy by questioning the election results, she conveniently ignored Clinton’s unfounded claims of election theft after losing to Trump in 2016—an assertion that Maddow and other left-leaning news hosts perpetuated for years.

Kelly, disheartened by the exchange, expressed her disappointment, proclaiming that she would easily choose Ron DeSantis over Joe Biden, stating her preference during a recent interview with the Florida Governor and current GOP presidential candidate.


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She highlighted her tough questioning, which she believed challenged DeSantis, emphasizing the need for journalists to hold their ground and fulfill their duty.

Kelly passionately condemned Maddow and Clinton, calling their behavior embarrassing and attributing it to a misguided narrative that has led to the ongoing division over the legitimate president.

Founder of Grabien, Tom Elliot compiled a video montage, showcasing several instances where Maddow and other left-leaning journalists and Democrats accused Trump of ‘weaponizing’ the Justice Department against his ‘political enemies,’ particularly the Bidens.

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These clips were contrasted with footage demonstrating Biden’s Justice Department prosecuting Trump. During a recent episode of Fox News Outnumbered, co-host Kayleigh McEnany expressed her concerns regarding the ‘political optics’ following the recent indictments against Trump.

McEnany, along with her fellow co-hosts, discussed the indictment issued by Special Counsel Jack Smith in correlation with the investigation into the January 6th Capitol riot.

McEnany delved into the potential precedent set by this indictment if successful, highlighting the impact this could have retrospectively. She stressed the significance of how the American people perceive Trump and Biden, from a pure political standpoint.

McEnany continued, drawing attention to the stark differences in how Trump and Biden were portrayed in recent events.

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She juxtaposed coverage of Hunter Biden’s controversial situation, where the plea deal crumbled due to a disputed phrase in the diversion agreement, with the subsequent indictment of the former sitting President.

Alluding to Biden’s actions, McEnany highlighted the optics of Trump’s indictment while Biden appeared to lead a normal life, going to the beach, attending dinners and movies, and being associated with favorable press coverage.

Quoting Politico Playbook, McEnany emphasized the stark contrast between Biden’s response to the indictment and his casual mention of enjoying the movie ‘Oppenheimer,’ seemingly unperturbed by the ongoing political battle.

This stark divergence between the indicted political opponent and the seemingly carefree behavior of the current president added weight to the narrative.

The on-air controversy involving Clinton, Maddow, and Kelly highlighted the deep divisions within American politics following Trump’s indictment. The clash demonstrated the polarizing attitudes towards the former President and the ongoing debates surrounding his actions.

Megyn Kelly’s critique of Maddow’s journalistic integrity showcased her disappointment as a member of the media and her belief that the profession carries certain responsibilities. Her dissatisfaction with the interview between Maddow and Clinton underlined the former Secretary of State’s failure to discuss crucial matters effectively and engage in a meaningful dialogue.

While Tom Elliot’s compilation shed light on the contrasting responses towards Trump’s use of the Justice Department, Kayleigh McEnany’s analysis of the political optics presented further insight into the differing portrayals of Trump and Biden, as observed by the American people.

The clash between Clinton, Maddow, and Kelly emphasized the importance of unbiased journalism. Megyn Kelly’s frustration towards Maddow suggested a significant deviation from true journalistic principles.

Tom Elliot’s montage exposed the hypocrisy surrounding Trump’s alleged weaponization of the Justice Department and the subsequent actions taken by Biden’s Justice Department against Trump. Kayleigh McEnany’s focus on political optics allowed for a deeper examination of the contrasting images of Trump and Biden presented to the American public.

The article’s analysis offered a nuanced perspective on the events and shed light on the ongoing divisions within American politics, allowing readers to form their own opinions without bias.


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