Maxine Waters Tells Reporter ‘You’re Being Confrontational’

After flying to Minnesota and calling for Brooklyn Center protestors to “get more confrontational” if Chauvin is not convicted, Waters dodged media questions

Fox News reported “Before the verdict was read, Waters, D-Calif., was walking from her office to the House floor when a reporter peppered her with several questions on the comments, which led Judge Peter Cahill, who is overseeing the Chauvin trial, to say Waters was “disrespectful to the rule of law.” Cahill even went so far as to say Waters may have given Chauvin’s defense attorneys a potential avenue to have the trial “overturned” on appeal.”

“You’re being confrontational,” The Democrat said refusing to answer questions.

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Maxine Waters fails to hold herself accountable for her own words and actions. She refuses to justify those words, because she knows that there is no justification. The very occurrence displays a clear double standard within our government. 

Waters incited violence. The quote was very cut and dry. When Donald Trump allegedly “incited violence” he was impeached. 

Today at around 5:00 EST. The verdict was announced. Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts including unintentional murder in the second degree, murder in the third degree and second degree manslaughter. 

The irony of the situation however is simply that Waters herself may have created a better case for an appeal. The judge told Derek Chauvin’s defense attorney “Rep Waters may have given you something on appeal”. 

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This becomes even more intensified after Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house defended Waters. 


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