WATCH: Matt Gaetz Votes TRUMP for Speaker of the House

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Rep. Matt Gaetz threw everyone a curveball in the fight for House Speaker on Thursday.

Matt Gaetz announced his vote for President Trump on the 7th Ballot.

This was clearly a protest vote against Kevin McCarthy, who he says is part of the swamp.

Matt Gaetz is making a stand against the swamp by standing in opposition for McCarthy to be the speaker.

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Currently there is a unified faction of 20 House Republicans who had been voting for Rep Byron Donalds (R- Florida), that has been blocking GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy from winning the speakership.

Many on the right are divided on this issue. Some think we should play the political game and keep Republicans in power no matter what. meanwhile the other side believes “at what cost”.

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There are good cases to be made about either side of the issue; but one thing is clear, these Republicans have integrity, and the debate should be ‘ is this integrity at a fault?’


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