Mark Wahlberg Talks About How He Always Wanted to Be an Athlete After Visiting Daughter at College

Renowned Mark Wahlberg Discloses Regret over Missed College Life

The recent college visit of renowned actor Mark Wahlberg, left him relishing the joyous moments and experiencing a dash of regret. During his exclusive conversation with Fox News Digital, Wahlberg, the co-creator of the 2019 clothing brand Municipal, communicated to the audience the essence of his visit to his daughter Ella’s college during their parents weekend.

‘Experiencing parents weekend at Clemson made me realize what I missed in my youth. I must admit, missing this unique experience is one of my few regrets,’ lamented Wahlberg. ‘They seem to be enjoying so much, I’m not sure if there’s any studying happening, but no doubt, they’re having a blast.’

Having frequently voiced his remorse over not attending college, Wahlberg, to Fox News Digital, elucidated how watching the excellent sports teams at Ella’s college evoked a latent ambition in him.

‘I always aspired to be an athlete and perhaps that’s why I seize every opportunity of representing an athlete on the big screen,’ claimed Wahlberg. ‘In a way, I’m living out my dreams through the characters I portray.’

‘The Fighter’s’ Micky Ward or ‘Invincible’s’ Vince Papale, regardless of the character, Wahlberg has always found thrill in playing athletes both on ice and on field.

Currently cast as an adventure racer in ‘Arts of the King,’ he continues to serve this innate passion. ‘Ever since my childhood, I’ve fantasized about being an athlete. Through my roles in movies, I have fulfilled this dream time and again,’ he added.

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Apart from Ella (20), Wahlberg and Rhea Durham, his wife of more than a decade, are also parents to their other children Michael (17), Brendan (15), and Grace (13). The Wahlberg family recently opted for a lifestyle change by moving their base to Las Vegas, transitioning into less hustle and more tranquility. ‘We live a modest, quiet, contained lifestyle over here,’ says Wahlberg.

‘There’s this strong community feeling. It’s a small place where everyone is acquainted with each other. Everyone takes care of each other. Our kids are focused, and there are far fewer diversions, and that’s pretty amazing,’ said Wahlberg when he spoke about their life in Las Vegas.

‘I moved to LA for my acting career, and during my stay, I’ve only worked on a handful of films. I mean, I do miss the LA weather and my friends, and the familiar places I used to hang out at. But it was necessary for me to focus on my aspirations and define my goals,’ Wahlberg confessed. ‘I wanted to give my children the best platform to chase their dreams, and for their success to follow; LA couldn’t offer that.’

Discussing the relocation with People magazine in October, Wahlberg assured there were no regrets. Their adaptive transition in Las Vegas received positive acceptance from every family member. ‘Everyone has adjusted well. All our kids are back in school and everyone is pleased,’ he concluded.


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