Mark Wahlberg Leads Prayer During Super Bowl Ad for Catholic App Hallow ‘Stay Prayed Up’

Hollywood Star Showcases Faith in Prayer App Super Bowl Ad

A renowned figure in the Hollywood sphere turned heads as he stepped out of his regular role to headline a Super Bowl commercial for Hallow, a Catholic prayer app, last Sunday evening. It showcased him alongside the impressive Jonathan Roumie, widely recognized for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the critically acclaimed series ‘The Chosen’, who also makes an appearance in the commercial. Focus was brought upon a heartfelt narrative of gratitude and familial bonds as Wahlberg voiced, ‘God, we seize this moment to express our gratitude,’ overlaying a montage of individuals engaged in prayer, including families and soldiers on duty.

Mark Wahlberg then invites all to ‘Join us in prayer this Lent on Hallow,’ wrapping it up with a powerful ‘Stay prayed up’. This deeply felt message of prayer, familial love, and a sense of thankfulness presented a stark contrast to another Christian-themed advertisement that was aired during the Super Bowl.

Emphasizing the Biblical narrative of Jesus Christ washing the disciples’ feet, this second ad by ‘He Gets Us’ presented an illustration of Christians and other individuals performing the poignant service of washing the feet of visibly LGBTQ+ individuals outside an abortion clinic. While it was suggested that the Christian characters had also undergone the foot washing ritual, as indicated subtly by their bare feet, no definitive visuals backed this claim, leaving it to the interpretation of the audience.

This left many viewers deducing that the intention of the ad was to suggest that Jesus would have shown acceptance towards individuals perceived as sinners, and those straying away from church teachings. Additionally, the ad was criticized by X users for failing to unequivocally state that the individuals highlighted were living in sin, had acknowledged their sins, or were in need of seeking penance.

The app Hallow brands itself as ‘… a tool for prayer and meditation, converging the tranquility and calm of meditation with the enriching journey of contemplative prayer. It boasts over 10,000 sessions of voice-led prayer sessions, helmed by global contributors including Jonathan Roumie, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Bishop Barron, Mark Wahlberg, and others.’ It positions itself as a guide in spiritual journey, offering various sessions led by an array of respected personalities.

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For years, Mark Wahlberg has been vocal about his deep-rooted Catholic beliefs. Notably, during his interview on The Today Show on Ash Wednesday 2023, he expressed that maintaining one’s faith was not typically a popular practice within the Hollywood industry. Despite this, he remained unwavering in his devotion, firmly stating that he wouldn’t ever deny his faith.

In his own words, ‘It may not be popular in my profession, but I won’t deny my faith. Sharing it with others is important to me.’ However, he communicated his respect for all individuals, regardless of their faith or lack thereof, and placed emphasis on the importance of honor and respect for every person’s beliefs and practices.

In a conversation revolving around the Catholic prayer app ‘Hallow’, Wahlberg reveals insights about his personal approach to faith, talks about why it’s relevant for him to express his faith openly, and discusses why he prefers not to enforce his religious beliefs upon his children.

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