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Marjorie Taylor Greene Supports Tucker Carlson as Potential Trump Vice President

Trump and Tucker: Greene Endorses Prominent Conservative Figures


Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene became the latest prominent conservative persona expressing her support for the integration of Tucker Carlson, the ex-Fox News anchor, in a potential 2024 Republican bid spearheaded by Donald Trump.

This charismatic lawmaker from Georgia, whose potential vice-presidential candidacy was mentioned in an August interview with The Guardian, responded positively to a Tweet by staunch conservative advocate Charlie Kirk favouring a Trump-Carlson coalition.

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Greene, without any reservation, stated on social media, ‘I’m with you, Charlie, there’s no one superior to Tucker Carlson!’. The thought of Donald Trump partnering up with Tucker Carlson saw a surge of popularity after the leading contender expressed on a conservative media platform during the week that he was contemplating coupling up with the 54-year-old commentator.

Rumors swirled about a possible Carlson presidential campaign in July 2022, but they were promptly put to rest by the outspoken media figure himself. ‘Ambition, whether political or otherwise, is not a characteristic I possess,’ he announced in conversation with Semafor’s founder, Ben Smith.

During this timeframe, well-known internet storyteller Alex Jones pontificated to Greene that she could potentially Trump in a 2024 run-off. This unexpected suggestion led Greene to publicly admit that running for the presidency was indeed within the realm of possibilities she was mulling over.

At the time, Carlson, a household name and a mainstay of Fox News during the prime-time slot, was thoroughly enjoying his media role and had no intentions of switching lanes. However, fate had other plans and a mere year later, he parted ways with the news giant, Fox News.

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His unexpected separation from Fox News unraveled amidst the revelations of text communications he had in the past. These messages surfaced during the evidence finding stage of the network’s lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems.

Unsettled texts depicted Carlson expressing his strong dissatisfaction with former president Trump, coupled with seemingly sarcastic remarks about the latter’s talent for ‘dismantling things.’

The fall-out from Fox News’ controversial and misleading comments about Dominion’s voting technology, implicating it in inaccurate results of the 2020 elections, saw the media house reaching a hefty settlement agreement of $787 million with Dominion.

Following these tumultuous developments, Carlson has since shifted gears and displayed support for Trump. His prominent media interview with the former president, distributed via social media in August, showcased this adjustment in his standpoint.


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