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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Shes Voting for Trump Regardless of What Happens

Greene Stands Firm in First Amendment Rights Amidst Trump’s Legal Battles


Marjorie Taylor Greene, a congresswoman known for her staunch commitment to the ideologies of the Trump era, has recently expressed her disagreement with the Biden administration and the Democratic judiciary bodies concerning the numerous charges filed against the 45th President.

Using social media as her platform, the conservative representative from Georgia made it emphatically clear that her loyalty to Trump remains unswayed, notwithstanding the results of the polls. She ascribed the fresh accusations against Trump to a ‘communistic attempt’ meant to undermine the fundamental right of every American to select their preferred leaders.

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As per her tweet reported in Newsweek, she emphasized her unwavering support for Trump, implying she would cast her vote in his favor even if wrongful circumstances landed him behind bars.

In her scathing criticism, she named the Department of Justice’s attempts to remove Trump’s name from the candidate list as an affront against the First Amendment, which ensures the right of American citizens to choose their President. Similar sentiments continued to feature in her subsequent tweets. From a conservative perspective, Greene urges Republicans to not be blinded by media narratives and to see the situation for what it truly is.

There is a significant concern among conservatives, expressed by Greene, on the mainstream media portraying any attempt to impeach Biden as being merely political retribution. She slammed such a narrative as baseless.

Harding her stance, she stated that the possible impeachment of Biden hinges on suspicions of his criminal activities, supported by considerable supporting evidence. She encourages conservative colleagues to stand strong against the mediaspotlight and its potential misdirection.

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To further elucidate her point, in a follow-up tweet, she emphatically called for the impeachment of the person she refers to as ‘CRIMINAL IN CHIEF’ a clear reference to President Biden. Greene aimed her rhetoric to rally her conservative base and further emphasized the need to take action that would be regarded as moral and just.

Adding to her digital salvos, Greene posted on Twitter, now often addressed as the ‘X platform’, about her firm stance on expunging what she deems to be unjust impeachments. She invoked her reverence for the House of Representatives, urging the House to uphold its dignity and set the impeachment record straight.

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The devoted representative from Georgia didn’t stop at sharing her candid thoughts on social media platforms. The past month has seen her actively engaged within the legislative bodies, relentlessly advocating for her beliefs. She has made attempts to unite Republicans around the cause of holding Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security head, accountable for what conservatives argue is his lackadaisical approach towards the surge of unauthorized migrants.

Unfortunately for her, previous movements aimed at unseating Mayorkas for dereliction of duties did not gain sufficient traction. During a chat with Fox news anchor Maria Bartiromo, she affirmed her intent to reignite the effort following the Thanksgiving holiday break, appealing to her Republican colleagues to reconsider their stance.

Greene underscored the urgency for different outcomes this time around during her appearance on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’ She expressed her concerns about border security and vigorously advocated for Mayorkas’ impeachment, with the strong belief that the ongoing migration must be effectively addressed.

Retaking to Twitter after the holiday break, Greene outlined her resolve to reintroduce the proposals for Mayorkas’ impeachment. For many conservatives, the choice between the homeland’s safety and the current administration’s policies is clear. Greene’s determination to prioritize border protection and legal compliance remains unshaken.

Despite the recent setback when all the Democratic voters and eight of her fellow Republicans supported transferring Greene’s resolution for Mayorkas’ impeachment to the House Homeland Security Committee, it seems Greene maintains a firm belief in the possibility of future impeachment proceedings. Allegations of Mayorkas’ failure to perform his duties are under their consideration.

Although certain Republican moderates have voiced their plans to press on with Mayorkas’ impeachment, they advocate for a more deliberate approach to ensure success in the Senate. As reported by The Daily Wire, they argued that this tactful strategy doesn’t signify abandoning the impeachment effort.

Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) clarified this point on social media, stating they actually aimed to launch proceedings and present their case to the nation. The affirmation appears to be a strategy to put Democrats into a defensive position concerning Biden’s border policy.

Meanwhile, Greene emphasized the need for immediate action against Mayorkas, highlighting the potential risks to national security posed by drug trafficking and the border crisis. Stressing the gravity of the situation, she lamented the human toll, recounting heartbreaking accounts of families left in ruins due to the deadly outbreak of fentanyl, and the continuous threat to lives.

Concluding her discussion with Bartiromo, Greene expressed her astoundment and deep concern over the situation. She articulately voiced the question resonating with many conservatives, wondering how many lives must be lost before Congress takes the necessary steps to impeach Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.


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