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Marjorie Taylor Greene Files Complaint Against DA Fani Willis

Willis and Wade: Alleged Personal Ties and a $700K Payment


District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County has expressed strong public rebuke against Georgia’s Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Willis has been subjected to a legal challenge after claims surfaced of an alleged personal relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade, triggering the representative’s call for an official inquiry.

Allegations suggest that Willis compensated Wade with over $600,000 for his role as a special prosecutor in her probe into past President Donald Trump and several others.

In the immediate wake of these allegations, Willis chose to speak out publicly during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration. Slight references to the claims were embedded in her speech. Holding her ground, Willis emphasized that it was unreasonable to demand perfection from black women. She projected Wade and herself as the victims of racial prejudice.

Willis’s remarks about Greene took a critical tone, calling out Greene’s attitude as being ‘fraught with animosity.’ She confessed, ‘I don’t aspire to be like those who have unjustly targeted me. I certainly do not wish to emulate Marjorie Taylor Greene, a person who, despite never meeting me, has let her hostility take over.’

In response to Greene’s behavior, Willis questioned: ‘How is it that this woman, who holds the esteemed position of being a state leader, has not reached out to me?

She could express her disagreements with my actions, yet assert that threats to my life or family’s life are unacceptable. That is unjust behavior that should not be tolerated, and as a leader, I will not accept it. How has such a woman come to accept the notion that it is justifiable to subject another woman to such harshness?’

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Greene has reacted to the Wade controversy by launching a criminal complaint against Willis. A formal complaint has also been lodged with Republican Governor Brian Kemp and Republican Attorney General Chris Carr. Greene has urged them to explore allegations of political prejudice from Willis, in relation to a payment of near $700,000 made to the special prosecutor for assistance in her case against former President Trump and his associates.

Throughout her discourse, Willis portrayed both Wade and herself as casualties of racial bias. ‘I am your imperfect, headstrong, and fallible child, feeling a bit perplexed. I assigned three special counsels. Isn’t it my prerogative? They were all compensated at the same hourly rate. Each of them only had one assignment,’ she argued.

Willis further conveyed, ‘I employed one white woman, who happens to be a good friend and fantastic lawyer. An absolute star, I must say. I also hired one white man, an intelligent confidant, and an excellent legal mind. Lastly, I engaged one black man, another gem, a loyal companion, and a skilled advocate.’

‘They will be upset when I expose their baseless allegations. Right off the bat, they accuse, ‘She is now resorting to the race card.’ But isn’t it they who are exploiting race when they single out just one?’ Willis continued. ‘Could it be their act of racial discrimination when they relentlessly feel the need for someone from a different jurisdiction in a different state to instruct me on how to carry out a task I have been undertaking for close to three decades?’

Reports indicate that Greene accuses Willis of using official money to pay Special Prosecutor Wade almost $700,000 and that the two had traveled together. If the allegations hold, Greene argues that it would show Willis to be ‘blatantly disrespecting the law, potentially violating public oath,’ along with a few other Georgia laws.

The claims first came to light in a Monday motion for the Georgia election intervention case from Trump’s co-defendant, Michael Roman. Roman demands that the District Attorney’s office, Special Prosecutor Wade, and Willis be dismissed from the case.

Roman’s attorney penned in the motion, ‘Although the allegations might seem audacious, given that they are directed toward one of Georgia’s most influential individuals, the Fulton County District Attorney, the allegations are serious. Her prestige and power do not negate the fact that she decided to appoint a person she had personal ties to as the special prosecutor, and who is now spearheading the day-to-day prosecution of this case.’

CNN disclosed that Willis was served a witness subpoena earlier the same week to testify at Wade’s divorce deposition. CNN also pointed out that both Willis and Wade have refrained from commenting.

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