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 Marjorie Taylor Greene Expelled from House Freedom Caucus 

Greene Asserts GOP Resolve for Impeachment, Despite Caucus Dismissal


Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican Representative from Georgia, has recently been expelled from the House Freedom Caucus. The removal was described as a measure appropriate for her various actions, backed up by the sentiments of some members.

Andy Harris, Republican Representative from Maryland, confirmed to Politico that this group decision was the culmination of Greene’s recent activities.

The expulsion occurred after a vote, and as far as public knowledge stands, Greene is now officially no longer a member of the group.

The House Freedom Caucus had been grappling with internal tensions, but it was after an intense disagreement between Greene and colleague Rep. Lauren Boebert on the House floor that ultimately led to the vote. This confrontation captured media attention after the details were shared with reporters.


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Harris, during a Thursday discussion, suggested Greene’s choice of language towards Boebert played a role in her expulsion. He hinted at the unacceptable terms Greene used addressing Boebert, which contradicted the expected decorum between members, particularly towards women colleagues.

Greene’s controversial actions were not confined only to the house floor. Last week, she made news when she demanded the House, led by the Republicans, initiate impeachment proceedings against Justice Department officials.

She argued that Attorney General Merrick Garland and U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves had both acted in a manner that warrants their removal from office.

From Greene’s perspective, Garland’s lack of action against Joe and Hunter Biden while simultaneously pursuing legal action against President Trump and other conservatives should be grounds enough for impeachment.

She expressed these sentiments in a tweet, stating that allowing such individuals to maintain power amounts to lawlessness.

Further evidencing her active stance on impeachment, Greene shared that she had called for the impeachment of President Joe Biden shortly after his inauguration.

Greene took to social media, affirming that she initiated impeachment proceedings on the very first day of Biden’s term due to the ‘crimes’ committed, which have only multiplied six months into the Republican-led House.

Greene praised the GOP Oversight’s investigative work, insinuating that their efforts have revealed even more alleged transgressions since the inauguration. In what could be seen as an escalation of her political combat, she posted an edited clip claiming it showed Biden admitting to his crimes in public.

The accusation pertained to alleged high crimes and misdemeanors, particularly concerning how Biden handled the situation on the U.S. border with Mexico.

Despite these substantial allegations, Democrats argue that representatives like Greene and Boebert are diminishing the gravity and integrity of the impeachment process.

In their defense, Greene recollected the instances when Democrats moved to impeach former President Donald Trump twice based on serious accusations they believed in.

Turning to her own party, Greene expressed confusion as to why the Republican majority in the House has remained passive regarding impeaching Biden despite her claims of obvious evidence of corruption.

When questioned about her party’s paradoxical stance, Greene shared her bewilderment with Breitbart News. Her admission encapsulated her puzzling state as she had already sent a barrage of messages to her Republican peers urging them to impeach Biden.

For Greene, her consistent calls for impeachment were necessary to demonstrate the Republican party’s commitment to their electorate.

She emphasized the importance of imposing accountability upon those in power. Asking why voters would support them if they failed to act in their interest, Greene positioned the scenario as a litmus test for the party’s credibility.

Ironically, Greene’s appeal for Biden’s impeachment coincided with the unveiling of an FBI informant file. The informant guaranteed the possession of tangible proof that President Joe Biden had received financial aids amounting to $5 million from Ukrainian energy company, Burisma.

Sitting on the House Oversight Committee, Greene unveiled that the FBI holds more FD-1023 forms as indicated in the informant’s document reviewed by the committee. The committee, in turn, expects to engage a closer review of these forms in the approaching week.

After sifting through considerable evidence in a secure room in the Capitol building, Greene held proof that there are additional FD-1023 forms that the committee will be reviewing in the coming weeks. She announced, based on her review, that the Bidens had demanded $5 million each from Burisma.

She outlined the Bidens’ proposal for Burisma, stating, ‘Pay me $5 million, pay my father $5 million, and we will solve your issues.’ Indicating an alleged propensity for corruption, these assertions certainly add to the ongoing tension surrounding Greene’s stance on the impeachment of President Biden.


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