Manhattan DA Bragg Asks Judge to Hold Trump in Contempt of Court – Threatening Jail Time

Manhattan District Attorney Bragg Takes Aim at Trump’s Freedom of Speech

Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, has instigated an action to censure former President Trump, lodged under the accusation that he has disrespected a court-imposed silence obligation. The supposed violation came into view after the ex-president publicly aired three posts on social media, directly addressing Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels – both crucial witnesses in his upcoming trial. The DA seeks the intervention of Judge Juan Merchan, presiding at the Manhattan court, pressuring him to admonish Trump with the possibility of not only increased monetary penalties but also a potential incarceration that could extend up to thirty days.

Merchan had previously instituted a mandamus over Trump, keeping a stringent check on his public communication due to his history of associations leading to judicial complications. It was a move conceived to buffer the risk that potentially leaped upon the seamless administration of justice due to untimely dissemination. However, the prosecutors located from Manhattan leveled allegations against Trump for three instances of disobedience pointed out on social media platforms during the initial session of the jury’s selection.

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Citing these oversteps, the DA’s office has recommended levying a fine of $3,000 on Trump calculated at $1,000 per each alleged breach. In addition to this, Bragg’s department initiated steps to hold the former head-of-state and possible future Republican presidential nominee accountable for his actions and cite him in contempt of the Court.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s team also underscored a separate incident wherein Trump criticized Mark Pomerantz, a seasoned representative from Manhattan’s prosecution. This was perceived as another attempt to considering defaming credible voices in the quest for justice.

Drawing attention to the past, Michael Cohen had formally accepted his transgressions in the year 2018, conceding to an array of charges including false testament to the Congress, tax evasion, and violations of the political campaign’s finances. The court sentenced him to a three-year imprisonment term — highlighting the seriousness of these law breaches.

Now, the gaze of the court shifts from Cohen to another significant individual in the context – the former U.S. President. The filing of the contempt motion presented by Bragg’s office is engrained as a key development within the monumental criminal trial involving Trump.

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It’s a moment of historical relevance, punctuating the annals of the United States justice system as Trump becomes the maiden president in the nation’s history to face a criminal trial. The gravity of the situation is measured with the laying of 34 hefty charges on Trump’s name.

The accusations include repeatedly fabricating business records, a first-degree felony, hinting at the potential surreptitious financial transactions channeled to Stormy Daniels in 2016 right before the then-looming electoral season. Yet, Trump, holding steadfast to his innocence, has rejected all charges brought against him.

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