Man Threatened With Arrest Over MAGA Hat

Free speech is becoming more and more restricted day by day in America.

In a viral video from September 2nd a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was put under threat of arrest by a police officer. 

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The man did not appear to be committing any crime in the video, but the clip posted on Tik Tok and rumble was very short. 

The man asked the officer “What will happen if I do not take my hat off?” The officer promptly responded “If you refuse you will be arrested and taken to jail.” 

It’s if the man was on private property. However if this were the case, he’d likely be asked to leave rather than to remove his attire.

 After asking a second time, the officer specified that the man would not be taken to jail, but rather finger printed, processed and released. 

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The man clarified “but I will be arrested?” The officer responded “yes.”

“For wearing a hat that says ‘Make America Great Again’?” He asked. “Yes, that is correct,” the officer once again stated. 

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It’s unclear what more there may have been to the story, or what offense the man would be arrested on. 


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