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WATCH: Man Swims Naked in Bass Pro Shop Aquarium, Faces Numerous Charges

Unusual Event at Bass Pro Shop: Man Takes Naked Dive in Aquarium

A man finds himself in custody after causing a scene by swimming naked in a Bass Pro Shop aquarium in Leeds, Alabama. The Leeds Police Chief, Paul Irwin, reports that the incident unfolded just before closing time. The man in question, age 42, exhibited unusual behavior before the event, intentionally ramming his car into a pole in the store’s parking area.

The family of the man relayed to the police that he has a history of struggling with mental health issues. Following the collision, the man abruptly got out of his car, disrobed, and sprinted into the Bass Pro Shop. Upon entering, he took a leap into the aquarium.

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PA squad of police officers was deployed to the site in order to extricate him from the fish tank, reveals Irwin. The culprit became confrontational and disregarded any commands from the officers to depart from the water body.

In footage recorded by an onlooker and shared with, two officers from Leeds trying to engage the man in a conversation can be seen. As the officers ascended the store’s stairs and neared the aquarium, the man clambered out of the water, shouted some indistinguishable words at them, and then plunged back in.

The naked man’s comportment was highly unpredictable and he uttered profane words towards the officers,’ says Irwin in an interview with Fox News Digital. The man kept on yelling at the officers even after he toppled over the side of the aquarium and landed on the hard concrete floor below, a scene which reportedly left him unconscious temporarily.

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When the man regained consciousness, he tried to resist while the officers put him in handcuffs. One of the officers experienced a physical assault with a swift kick unleashed by the man, as reported by Irwin.

A blanket was draped over the man and he was ushered out of the store, submits an report. During the transfer of the suspect to a patrol car, the man vehemently kicked the car’s door, causing damage to the frame.

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Afterward, the man was transported to a hospital for medical aid and to undergo a psychiatric analysis. This was conducted prior to his booking at the St. Clair County Jail. Jail records disclose that a man named George Owens, 42, hailing from Sterrett, Alabama, was booked on Thursday at approximately 9:39 p.m.

Chief Irwin discloses that Owens is facing a slew of charges in relation to this incident. These range from public lewdness and disorderly conduct, to resisting arrest and second-degree assault.

In addition to these, Owens is also accused of dual counts of criminal mischief, one for ramming into the pole with his car, the other for the damage inflicted on the patrol car door. He’s further facing two charges of reckless endangerment regarding his manner of driving.

The local sheriff stated that Owens is expected to be granted release on bail in the foreseeable future. The incident at the Bass Pro Shop has indeed served as a stark reminder of the unpredictable challenges faced by law enforcement officers on a daily basis.

The incident also underscores the need for ongoing dialogues about mental health and how these issues shape the individuals’ behavior in public spaces. Dealing with such crises calls for patience, understanding, and specialized approaches from all concerned parties.

This case can potentially open up new discussions on mental health awareness and its intimate link to public safety. It serves as a stark reminder that our society needs to take these mental health issues seriously, and consider ways in which individuals struggling with such issues can be helped more effectively.

Law enforcement agencies can use these experiences to foster better understanding of mental health issues among their ranks, leading to more compassionate and effective responses to similar incidents in the future. It also emphasizes the need for ensuring the necessary support systems are in place for individuals grappling with mental health issues, helping them avoid such public disturbances.


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