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Man Rescued From Partially Submerged Boat After Lost at Sea for 2 Days

After Battling the Elements Man Says ‘There’s a God Up There’


A man stranded at sea for almost two days in a 12-foot fishing boat that began to sink was rescued over the weekend near Florida’s coast, authorities reported.

25-year-old Charles Gregory was safely brought to land near St. Augustine on Saturday. Upon examination, medical staff found him in surprisingly good health, shared the Coast Guard.

As Gregory was brought to the dock, he greeted the news team with a shaka or “hang loose” gesture.


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Officials revealed that Gregory embarked on his journey from the Lighthouse Park Boat Ramp in St. Augustine on Thursday.

His sea ordeal lasted a staggering 38 hours, as confirmed by his father, Raymond Gregory, in a conversation with NBC affiliate WTLV of Jacksonville.

An emotional Raymond expressed his gratitude: “There’s a God up there.”

Charles showed visible signs of his time in the sun; his lips were cracked and his skin sunburned.

According to the Coast Guard, his flat-bottomed jon boat, typically meant for calmer waters, was inadvertently pulled into the ocean.

The vessel’s inadequacy for such conditions was noted by Nick Barrow, the Coast Guard’s rescue coordinator for the Jacksonville area.

Following the boat being drawn out to sea, it overturned, casting Gregory’s belongings, including his phone and safety gear, into the Atlantic, rendering its motor useless.

Though Gregory managed to right his boat, its partial submersion exposed him to potential dangers from marine life, stated Coast Guard Petty Officer First Class Lecongie Wortherly.

An extensive search operation was launched involving aircraft, helicopters, and Coast Guard boats. As time passed, hope began to wane.

Barrow acknowledged, “The odds were starting to be against us in this case, despite all of our search effort.”

However, a diligent search by the HC-130 crew, systematically scanning vast stretches of the ocean, finally led to Gregory’s discovery. He was located 12 miles off the coast, calmly seated in his boat, waving to his rescuers.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Raymond Gregory advised, “Don’t give up on the big guy,” alluding to faith and hope in God.


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