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Major Updates for Trumps Appeal Process Following Hush Money Verdict  

Courageous Trump Battles Democratic-Laden Appellate Court in NY

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team has taken strides to appeal the 34 felony convictions he received due to a verdict delivered recently in the so-called `hush money` case in Manhattan. As per the report from Fox News’ Eric Shawn, the appeal process will not be a cakewalk for Trump, particularly due to the glaring political bias within New York’s heavily Democratic milieu, which includes the appointment of appeals court justices.

Eric Shawn, while addressing ‘America’s Newsroom’ on Tuesday, unfolded the story around Trump’s appeal. He pointed out that the New York State appellate court’s first division, which is going to hear Trump’s appeal, has a number of justices who have made campaign contributions to the Democratic party in the past.

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‘Of the 21 justices on this appellate court, one alone was not appointed by a New York Democratic governor,’ Shawn observed. ‘Federal and state campaign records reveal that at least 14 out of the 21 justices have made campaign donations to Democrats previously’. This observation throws light on the potential political bias in the court’s composition.

Shawn also emphasized on the fact that some of the justices made these campaign contributions while serving on the lower court. The inclusion of Justice Marsha Michael, who was appointed by Governor Hochul only eight months ago, was also contemplated in his insights shared on the national broadcast.

Justice Michael made an attempt to secure an assembly seat as part of the Democratic primary in The Bronx back in 2014, with an endorsement from New York City public advocate Letitia James. James, who currently serves as the state’s attorney general, led the prosecution of Trump in his real estate case in the previous year.

Shawn shared more into Justice Michael’s past saying ‘James and the judge were seen together on the campaign in 2014, but Judge Michael didn’t win that election. However, she did rule against Trump a couple of months ago when Trump’s legal team attempted to deter Judge Merchan’s trial before it could start.’

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Going further into the details of the justices, Shawn highlighted the case of one justice who, prior to taking the bench, contributed heavily to Democratic campaigns. Records suggest that this justice donated thousands of dollars to various Democratic campaigns including those of Sen. Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, and even some Democratic campaign committees.

Despite Trump’s guilty label, the Democrats potentially celebrating this event should possibly refrain per new analysis by Politico. While Trump is now classified as a convicted felon, it is argued that Democrats have prematurely begun their victory laps.

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Jamie Dettmer, op-ed editor of Politico, initiated his analysis by referring back to the history. Particularly to the year 1960, when Richard Nixon, the then GOP presidential nominee, chose not to stir a ‘constitutional crisis’ by contesting the election results in Illinois and Texas. Nixon made this decision, even though there were considerable allegations of election fraud and ballot stuffing, putting the country’s well-being first.

Dettmer highlighted Nixon’s noble sacrifice, who could have defeated Democratic nominee John F. Kennedy by two Electoral College votes if he challenged the results. Drawing parallels, he questioned the actions of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Dettmer pointed out that Bragg dismissed the judgements of his predecessor, Cyrus Vance Jr. and federal institutions such as FEC and DOJ, all of whom abstained from pressing charges against Trump due to lack of evidence.

Bragg’s success in securing Trump’s conviction based on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records relating to a sordid scandal becomes moot considering the uncertainties of appeal courts. Many legal experts believe that Trump’s appeal could turn the tables.

Despite having their share of success with two cases, Democrats are still facing a string of three Sate and Federal cases in Florida, Washington, and an election-tampering case charged by a state prosecutor in Georgia. Yet, Democrats are in an overwhelmingly celebratory disposition.

Dettmer, however, warns the Democrats not to get carried away. The verdict may momentarily label Trump as a felon, but legal experts are pointing at the high chances of the former president winning the appeal. And with more court battles on the horizon, it’s far from the end of the game.

In conclusion, it is crucial to realize that presumptions and celebrations could well be premature. The political and legal landscapes are fraught with change and unpredictability. What holds in the future for Trump and America is yet to be seen.


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