Lori Lightfoot HATES White People

Two years ago, Chicago elected its first gay black-woman mayor; presumably for no other reason than she checked so many boxes. She isn’t, after all, famed for her policies. But one such policy, one that she decided would make a good two-year anniversary as mayor gift to herself, has landed her in the national limelight once again. Lightfoot is facing a joint lawsuit from both the Daily Caller and Judicial Watch for denying interviewers from non-PoC reporters. This self-proclaimed champion of inclusion does not actually seem to comprehend the concept of inclusion.

But hey, exclusion and inclusion are easy to mix up, right?

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Not surprisingly, Lori has faced retaliation for her racial nepotism from other publications as well. Gregory Pratt, a Chicago Tribune reporter who had scheduled an interview with the Chicago mayor prior to her overtly bigoted conditions, called off the interview. Pratt, perhaps shockingly to some, is Hispanic (which isn’t technically a geographical term, but whatever). Hispanics, according to the freakish, modern concept of “people of color” (a term somehow not considered problematic like its precursor “colored people”) are, by such reasoning, indistinguishable from those of African descent – something that you would expect members of both groups to take issue with and do.

If this newspeak confuses you, consider yourself a rational and sane individual. The “people of color” categorization making perfect sense only to addled minds.

But this is hardly the first time that Lightfoot has seemed to think that she can decide who’s allowed to do what and when. During Chicago’s covid-19 lockdown, in direct violation of her own stay-at-home edicts, the Chicago mayor insisted upon having her hair done at a salon that was unable to serve any other customers. Her justification? She’s the mayor.

What is it that her proponents say about prejudice plus power?

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The lawsuit is being presented as a violation of Daily Caller reporter Thomas Catenacci’s 1st and 14th amendment rights, and an official complaint has been filed with the mayor’s office.


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