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Local Staten Island Deli Owner Loses Life, Leaving Community Heartbroken

Caring Deli Owner Becomes Latest Victim of Violent Robbery

The New York Police Department made public surveillance footage on Monday, featuring two individuals hidden behind ski masks, suspected of fatally shooting a beloved local deli owner in Staten Island amid a failed robbery attempt.

These assailants stormed Manor Deli & Convenience, located along Manor Road and Goodwin Ave. in the neighborhood of Castleton Corners, around 7:50 p.m. last Saturday, according to the authorities. The goal was a simple theft, however, the situation escalated tragically, resulting in the store’s co-owner, 35-year-old Bassam Khateeb, being shot in the chest.

Emergency medical services were immediately on the scene, rushing Khateeb to Staten Island University Hospital in the direst of straits. Despite their best efforts, Khateeb’s life couldn’t be saved. In a bitter irony, the masked assailants fled the scene bereft of any loot.

Further examination of the released video reveals that this wasn’t their first target of the evening. Initially, the masked duo set their sights on a smoke shop alongside Richmond Ave., in close proximity to Amsterdam Place.

In their dark ski masks, they first attempted to break into the smoke shop; however, their efforts were thwarted by a secured door. Unable to bypass the shop’s defenses, they swiftly changed their target to the Manor Deli, located about four miles away from their initial target.

The video evidence shows that after their botched robbery resulted inadvertently in the murder of Khateeb, the duo, filled with anxiety, made a hasty retreat back to their vehicle, a maroon Jeep Cherokee.

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The footage reveals their rapid escape, with the two seen getting into their maroon Jeep Cherokee, evidently disconcerted by the undesirable outcome of their poorly planned caper. Last seen dashing off in the direction of New Jersey on the Staten Island Expressway, police confirmed.

Consequently, the inference is that the perpetrators are likely on the run, possibly across state lines, making their capture a matter of urgency. Khateeb’s friends described him as a dedicated businessman who lived a mere two miles from the deli.

Friends recounted that Khateeb, who lived just two miles away from his business, had owned another deli before in Richmond Terrace. However, aiming for a safer, more prosperous neighborhood, he chose to close his previous establishment.

His unfortunate death sparks questions about the security even in seemingly safer neighborhoods. As they continue their investigation, police are seeking the assistance of the public in identifying and locating these suspects.

The NYPD has issued an appeal for the community’s assistance in identifying and ultimately apprehending these dangerous suspects.

Community members with any information that could lead to their capture are encouraged to come forward. People are urged to place a call to Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS if they have any information that might assist in this case. The department emphasizes that all calls will be treated as confidential, to protect the safety and integrity of anyone willing to offer assistance.

The NYPD hopes that this appeal can aid in putting a swift end to the perpetrators’ time at large and bring some degree of closure to Mr. Khateeb’s grieving friends, family, and neighbors. In recent years, we have seen a worrying increase in crime rates across the city.

This tragic incident at the Manor Deli is, unfortunately, a stark reminder of the crime wave that is raging across the city. Law enforcement officers are reinforcing their effort to keep the streets safe.

While the police work tirelessly to prevent such horrific incidents, it’s crucial to recognize the role citizens play in confronting crime.

It is incumbent on everyone who can help ensure justice for Mr. Khateeb and his family to do so. This sad turn of events underscores the importance of community vigilance and cooperation with law enforcement to ensure such brazen acts of violence don’t go unpunished.

Our thoughts extend to Mr. Khateeb’s loved ones during this distressi
g time. He was more than just a store owner; he was a pillar of his community who stood firm in his belief in a better, safer neighborhood for his business.

The tragic loss of his life serves as a stark reminder of the violence that lurks in even the most unsuspecting places.

In a time when many debate the role of law and order, it’s critical to contemplate the outcomes when peace is thwarted and chaos ensues. This highlights the importance of adequate security measures, unceasing vigilance, and a resilient communitarian spirit to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Mr. Khateeb’s untimely demise should catalyze serious reflection on the necessity of public safety, community cooperation, and robust efforts in law enforcement. Furthermore, the assailants’ greed left them empty-handed, proving that such distasteful acts yield nothing but loss and sorrow.

The law enforcement community is committed to bringing these criminals to justice, preserving the memory of Mr. Khateeb, and ensuring the safety of the community. The work of the NYPD directly impacts the level of safety in a community and their effort to solicit the public’s help proves this commitment.

Law enforcement, along with the citizenry of Staten Island, must work hand in hand to ensure that this tragic story of Mr. Khateeb doesn’t befall another. This form of community cooperation not only helps the police in timely law enforcement but also strengthens the shared commitment to safety and security.

While officers work tirelessly to apprehend those responsible, community members can play their part by relaying any valuable information, no matter how small it may seem. This collective effort, rooted in a shared commitment to local safety and order, ensures that such incidents are regulated, if not entirely eliminated.

Through collective cooperation and shared values around safety, society can thrive amidst the chaos. The unfortunate demise of Mr. Bassam Khateeb serves as a poignant reminder to uphold these values, participate in establishing security, and work towards an unabating effort to enforce law and order.


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