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Lil Pump Reveals Trump’s Mugshot Tattoo in Instagram Post 

Hip Hop Meets Politics: Lil Pump Tattoos Trump in Ode to Greatest Presidency


An unexpected allegiance has taken shape between hip-hop artist L’il Pump and the erstwhile U.S. President, Donald Trump. Further exemplifying his admiration, L’il Pump recently revealed an impressive tattoo of Trump on his thigh, paying tribute to what he considers as ‘the greatest presidency ever.’ He unveiled this grand gesture of support on Tuesday via an Instagram post, punctuated with ‘MAGA’ and a couple of American flags.

The tattoo displays an image resembling Trump’s booking photo from an incident in August 2023. This occurred when Trump had to voluntarily turn himself in to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office located in Georgia, following some legal disputes. This chargesheet was an outcome of an investigation by District Attorney Fani Willis, which was associated with the circumstances of the 2020 election in Georgia.

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The ‘I Love It’ rapper openly advocated for Trump during the 2020 campaign, pledging his support on Instagram to his massive follower base of 17 million. Unapologetic about his political alignment, he confidently declared, ‘All I gotta say is Trump 2020.’ He sharply criticized Joe Biden’s proposed tax hike, which solidified his preference for the Trump administration.

L’il Pump was not just a vocal supporter but also became part of Trump’s campaigning efforts. He attended a Trump rally in Miami during the election year, which was soon after his public endorsement. Moreover, he had the privilege of sharing the stage with Trump during the last election rally of 2020, conducted in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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Interestingly, a similar change in stance has been observed in another influential figure from the rap scene. Snoop Dogg, known for his previously critical view of Trump, seems to have softened his perspective substantially. Though he was vocal about his disapproval during Trump’s first term, the rapper now professes ‘nothing but love and respect’ for the former president.

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In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Snoop Dogg shed light on his reformed viewpoint. When asked about his thoughts on the potential Republican candidate in the forthcoming election, he expressed admiration for Trump. A major reason for this turnaround was Trump’s act of granting a pardon to Michael ‘Harry-O’ Harris, whom Snoop Dogg referred to as an old acquaintance.

In retrospect, Snoop Dogg’s early career has ties with Harris. Back in the eve-like era of the 1990s, Harris and Suge Knight, with the contributions of Dr. Dre, successfully launched the Death Row Records label. This label became the platform that spotlighted Snoop Dogg during his initial professional journey.

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Harris had a harrowing time with charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, which led to his incarceration for nearly three decades. However, in an act of justice, he was bestowed with a pardon from Trump in 2021. This act of leniency toward the long-standing associate of the music industry played a significant role in changing Snoop Dogg’s outlook on Trump.

Snoop Dogg’s drastic change in sentiment is noteworthy considering his previous demonstrations of disdain. The performer often leveraged his influence to criticize the former president, making bold statements through his music and art. One such provocative action was the depiction of a lifeless Trump on an EP cover he revealed in 2017.

Snoop Dogg’s critique of Trump extended to daring gestures such as sparking up a blunt outside the White House in 2018. Perhaps his most contentious act was in a music video where he took aim at a clown costumed like Trump using a toy firearm, further communicating his once fiery disapproval.

While these prominent artists are showing signs of affinity for Trump, public opinion also seems to present a favorable picture for the former president. Several polls suggest Trump’s popularity is on par with, or exceeding, current President Joe Biden. The term ‘Bidenomics,’ typically associated with the president’s suggested economic strategy, isn’t resonating well with voters, potentially playing in Trump’s favor in the coming elections.

A speculative remark on ‘Bidenomics’ being synonymous with the ‘American Dream’ was made by Biden himself, as reported by the Washington Examiner. Although such a strategy might be considered perilous, reminding voters of the critiques drawn by ‘Reaganomics,’ Biden’s team held an optimistic view about its potential effectiveness.

However, recent findings from Rasmussen Reports contradict this optimism. The majority of voters surveyed did not express confidence in ‘Bidenomics.’ Instead, 44 percent believed that the concept would be more beneficial for Trump in the upcoming election, compared to only 26 percent who felt the converse.

Furthermore, 23 percent of the surveyed voters did not foresee ‘Bidenomics’ impacting the election outcomes at all. Curiously enough, the term seemed to bring back fond memories of the Trump administration among voters, highlighting the stark difference between current sentiments and the initial optimism for ‘Bidenomics.’

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